Man Is Busted For Meth After He Tries To Deposit A Fake Million Dollar Bill

Posted On : 08/07/2017
Dennis Strickland, 33

Million Dollar Dummy

The affects and the severity of those addicted to meth, are known to be awfully troubling. After reading this article, you’ll probabdly agree the “Meth” can be people do some of the weirdest of things, and when I say weird, I mean weird.

Reportedly, Dennis Strickland, who is a resident of the state Iowa, was arrested on Thursday, after law officials were contacted.

Employees at Northwest Bank, in Sioux City, contacted police after Strickland, allegedly tried to deposit a phony $1 million dollar bill into his account, according to information that posted on DailyMail.

The teller, who Strickland attempted to complete the transaction with, became suspicious of him when Strickland’s account balance had never been above $500. Additionally, The United States Treasury has never printed a $1 Million dollar bill. So in other words he allegedly had in his possession, money that not even the Treasury Department had the privilege of having.

Phony Baloney

While in the process of being arrested, police officers asked Strickland if he had any more bills in his pockets. That’s when Strickland allegedly  pulled out a small bag containing meth. Strickland was charged with possession of a controlled substance, and was arrested.

Strickland’s get rich quick by any means necessary, has landed him in Woodbury County Jail, on a $1,000 bond, according to the source. If Strickland, would have checked his facts, he would have known that the highest denomination bill currently in circulation, is the $100 bill.

Also, the highest note that has ever been produced was the $100,000 bill, which circulated for 1 year from December 1934, to January 1935.  The currency was only used within Federal Reserves Banks.

Surprising, getting a hold of a phony million dollar bill is not as hard as one may think. According to the source there are fake $1 million dollar bills for sale and can be found online.

Obviously, being addicted to meth will alter the mind in many ways. Even to the point of thinking you can deposit a fake $1 million bill into your checking account.

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