Man Accidentally Records Himself Setting Up Spy Cam In Mall Family Restroom

Posted On : 01/22/2018

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — While attempting to set up a spy cam, a man exposed his face in an accidental recording. A patron found the device and authorities easily identified him.

According to Baltimore Sun, Baltimore County police say they’re analyzing items seized from the Abingdon home of 40-year-old Mussawwir Sterrett. Currently, he’s charged with secretly recording people in a bathroom at White Marsh Mall.

The source says Sterrett is actually a general manager of a technology services company which installs security cameras. Mad ironic, right?

Well, apparently, Sterrett is accused of placing a small camera in a family bathroom, on December 23, 2017 — near the mall’s food court.

According to the source, he had the cam positioned toward the toilet. Reportedly, as mentions Officer Jennifer Peach, the camera recorded 11 people — children and adults.

The source reports as follows.

“When an officer first looked at the camera discovered in the mall bathroom, he found 11 videos saved to the memory card, according to the documents filed in court. Later, a detective using forensic software to recover deleted files found more images taken inside a bathroom, police wrote. Those files had a date stamp of ‘7/05/2013’ and showed women and girls using a toilet, according to the court documents. It is not clear from the documents where the files were recorded.”

The source notes that detectives executed a search warrant of Sterrett’s Abingdon apartment on January 12. They seized more than two dozen items, including but not limited to: computers, cell phones, and hard drives.

Authorities also found clothing that appeared similar to the outfit he wore in the video recording.

For now, Sterrett faces “peeping Tom” charges, including visual surveillance with prurient intent.

The Baltimore Sun further states that, on Thursday, January 18, the man was released on his own recognizance from the county’s detention center.

When the source attempted to reach Sterrett for comment, there was no response — neither from him nor his attorney.

Note: Another crazy pointer, dude was a member of the board at the local Y. However, according to Sara Milstein — a spokeswoman for the Y in Central Maryland — he’s no longer a board member.

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