People Are Raving About This Video — Surprised To See Black Kung Fu Experts?

Posted On : 09/17/2017

MALAWI, AFRICA — Several videos have been trending via social media regarding Malawian kung-fu. It’s not just cinematography. It’s real culture.

By now, you’ve probably seen clips from the Malawian movie, The Town Monger, cruising through the Internet.

In case you haven’t, check out this clip right quick.

The source mentions that the movie was shot, produced, and directed by Shareef Atwab of Hashavwint Studios, in Chinsapo, Lilongwe — Malawi.

The stunts performed in this video are by Malawi’s own Kufewa Acrobatics team.

As you see, martial arts is a real interest in this region of Africa. It’s crazy that we’ve not heard about it until now, right?


According to Times Malawi, the trio is comprised of 31-year-old Imaan Shaibu, 25-year-old Rashidu (his brother), and 30-year-old Jumani Kantunda.

They mention that they’re excited their video is being discussed around the world. Imaan states as follows.

“Actually, we have been receiving a lot of phone calls since the movie was posted on social media…what was posted was just a clip of the movie.”

He also mentions that the movie isn’t just about kung-fu, but they’ve got a story to tell behind it. That story partly consists of the martial arts culture from the region.


As aforementioned, it’s not just about cinematography. In Malawi, there’s a culture of martial arts.

Take young Enock Belo, 10, for example. He’s actually a Malawian orphan. Yet, he’s overcome his circumstance through the discipline learned via his training.

Check out one of his demonstrations, below. Dude is absolutely FIRE!

Shaolin kung-fu makes me strong and keeps me disciplined,” Belo expresses.

The Buddhist Channel reports as follows.

“The Malawian orphan, who is a resident of the Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) in Blantyre, southern Malawi, is one of the 200 children in the orphanage being trained in the ancient Chinese martial art.”

According to the source, the children are trained three hours a day, six days a week by three Shaolin masters brought in from China.

When they came to ACC, they were all very timid with very little confidence in themselves, and training them in Shaolin kung-fu helps us counter this problem,” says ACC founder and Taiwanese Buddhist monk Hui Li.

And as you can see from skill and execution, their confidence levels are out of this world.

All in all, this is an awesome display of talent, discipline, and excellence!


If you’re surprised to see Black kung-fu experts, don’t be. Blacks have been a part of martial arts for decades.

Can’t forget about “Kung-Fu Theater” which used to come on every Saturday morning — during the 80’s and early 90’s.

Likewise, have we forgotten Bruce Leroy?

Don’t let anyone tell you martial arts isn’t part of our culture as people.

And let us DARE NOT forget Wu-Tang Clan. Where do you think they got their inspiration?

Remember? They even had a video game dedicated to the culture.

Anyway, if you will, let us know how you feel about this trending topic? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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