Make Racists Afraid Again — Man On Knees Apologizing After Woman Contacts His College About Comments, ‘Please…My Future Will Be Ruined’

Posted On : 04/11/2018

BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA — Nothing’s more satisfying than watching karma come back to bite a racist in the rear. In this situation, one man thought he could be reckless in the DM. However, once his school came for his head, his entire tune changed.

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A Facebook post by Rebecca Mack revealed screenshots taken from a situation with Shania Rowley. Actually, according to the messages, one of Rowley’s acquaintances encountered a racist individual by the name of Connor Howell.

Apparently, he was a student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech); but maybe he didn’t realize she knew what to do with this information?

The messages show that he initially hit up Rowley’s friend with a “Hey [you],” around 8:07 p.m. The friend responded simply with: “haha hey there.” That’s when the racist started making his remarks.

Connor: “You’re pretty gross looking.”

Rowley’s Friend: “Hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Even though yours is wrong. It’s fine.”

Connor: “Except me being white and you being Black means that my opinion is way more important than yours sooo my opinion is correct you Michael brown looking cow. The f**k kind of name is swar by the away? Can’t say I’m surprised, Black ‘parenting’ at its finest.”

Well, as it seems, “Swar” immediately contacted Rowley about the situation. That’s when she did a little research and found that he was a current student at VT. So, Rowley directly emailed Timothy D. Sands, the university’s president. According to the screenshots provided by Rebecca Mack, around 9:30 p.m., Rowley wrote Sands as follows.

“Good evening. An acquaintance of mine received some very disgusting and racist messages from one of your students at Virginia Tech. Surely, you and your university do not share the same view as Connor Howell and I hope you’ll take strong action against this student. He obviously needs help and needs it immediately. Attached are photos of these messages. Thank you.”


There’s no statement regarding what happened to ol’ Connor, but he was quickly back in “Swar”s DM basically groveling at his cyber victim’s feet at 11:56 p.m. The racist was swift with the apology.

“Hello,” Connor began, “I deeply regret everything I said to you. I am so sorry.”

“I was just joking around and I know it’s nothing to joke about and I was so wrong. I am not a racist and I know you probably don’t believe anything I am saying and will also post this online but I will literally do anything if you could ask your friend to delete that tweet.”

Judging by Connor’s statement, Rowley made some sort of tweet about the racist encounter. However, it wasn’t included in Rebecca’s Facebook post. Likewise, it doesn’t appear to still be available via Twitter.

“I am so sorry and completely realize what I did was beyond wrong,” Connor continues in his karmic plea. “I am honestly begging you as I feel my future will be ruined by this.”

To his apology, Tamanisha James mentions that “racist tears are so sweet.”

Um, yes. Yes, they are definitely delectable treats, indeed.

And, of course, not all Caucasians are like Connor Howell. For instance, Chris Bryant commented as follows.

“On behalf of Whites who hate assholes who make us look bad, he’s on his own like the rest of the losers.”

Anyway, hopefully Connor was able to learn a huge, magnificent lesson from all of this — as well as accept the consequences of his actions.

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[Featured Photo via Rebecca Mack / Facebook]

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