[Videos] Locust Swarms Invade Southeast Trinidad

Posted On : 09/11/2017

RIO CLARO, TRINIDAD — From the way the world is currently looking, it almost appears as manifested biblical prophecy, right?

Well, whatever the case, Rio Claro is feeling it right now as swarms of locusts inhabit the area.

According to CTV, the locust infestationmigrated from Moruga, through Mora Valley.”

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat says they’ve been spraying. Nevertheless, locusts are getting into anything they can fit, including clothing, vehicles, and homes.

Retired meteorologist Robin Maharaj mentions, via Trinidad Express, that locusts are constantly moving.

“It is a fact that locust swarms move long distances, especially when weather conditions permit. And they travel very long distances, when winds assist in their transport, whether they intend to travel or not.”

So, as we’ve seen in recent hurricanes ripping the Caribbeans to shreds, it’s no wonder these locust swarms have traveled farther south away from the storms’ paths.

Yet, also according to Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, locust invasions have been happening more within the last few years.

The source states that “red-winged locusts” were in the area last year. And, they have a tendency to multiply quickly, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

They mention that locusts lay between 400-500 eggs in soft ground. That’s each locust.

So, as you would expect, people around the world are freaking out — claiming these are “end-time events.”

However, locust swarms have happened year after year in different places, right?

It’s just that social media makes information readily available to us.


Police have never let up on Black people through out the years. We’ve been dealing with brutality since Jim Crow.

However, now with Facebook Live and such, we’re just able to see more of it — unfiltered.

Same thing with the locust invasions, right? I mean, when they leave a place, they don’t just die. They move on to another location.

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