If You Live In This Black Ft. Lauderdale Neighborhood, Pizza Hut Won’t Deliver Your Pizza After Dark

Posted On : 12/08/2017

If you live in Sistrunk, a historically Black neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and order a pizza from the local Pizza Hut after 7 p.m., they will not deliver. The discovery was made by local journalist Adam Weinstein who saw a sign next to the delivery map which clearly banned the area from service. Weinstein took a picture of it and posted it on Twitter to draw attention to the seemingly discriminatory practice.

In a series of tweets on Dec. 1, Weinstein noted that the Fort Lauderdale Police Department makes it a regular practice of parking a “mobile surveillance unit” at the entrance to the Sistrunk neighborhood. He tweeted that it is not uncommon to see signs on the street corners that read, “YOU ARE UNDER VIDEO SURVEILLANCE.”

In spite of the obvious police presence, the Pizza Hut has reservations about making deliveries in that same neighborhood. The sign that was next to its delivery map clearly outlined their policy for servicing this predominantly Black area.

“We don’t deliver to northwest (D-4) after 7 pm. But any order taken before 7 pm must be delivered. MANAGEMENT,” the sign reads.

Weinstein captioned a subsequent tweet of the same sign this way:

“You can’t tell in the photo, but Pizza Hut’s redlined neighborhood is literally centered on Ft. Lauderdale’s African American Research Library and Cultural Center (which is also my early voting precinct),” Weinstein said.

The journalist then tagged two local news outlets suggesting that they stop in and ask about their policy:

“Maybe someone at @SunSentinel or @NewTimesBroward (such as it is) wants to poke into the Pizza Hut on US-1 south of Davie and ask them about that map. Just saying,” Weinstein tweeted.

While some have made the argument that certain areas may present safety risks to delivery drivers, Weinstein reminds that if police are already providing ongoing surveillance in the neighborhood, that should prevent crimes from happening thus eliminating the need for rules like these. But one commenter shared the harsh reality that Pizza Hut isn’t the first and won’t be the last to redline certain neighborhoods.

“Unfortunately this isn’t abnormal. Some places will use one bad incident to justify doing this. It happened at the Domino’s I worked at. We had no less than five neighborhoods we wouldn’t go to after sunset,” Ferd Burfel said.

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