[Video] Man Finds Little Girl Wandering Country Road, A LONG WAY From Home

Posted On : 08/04/2017

This right here is an example of how many kids end up “missing.” There are far too many of our girls showing up on flyers for this to be happening!

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — The videos you’re about to see might disturb you, simply because the parents were nowhere around — didn’t know she was gone — especially this far away or for this long.


According to Facebook user Jess Listen, he found this little girl just wandering alongside the road.

At first, he assumed her house was just down the street — still far, but nothing like what he was about to discover.

He decided to walk her back to her house. However, they never got there.

Check the video for yourself below.

Via another Facebook user’s post, someone allegedly recognized the little girl as her cousin. According to Myasia Fenn Kearney, the little girl suffers from autism and is supposed to have a tracker on her at all times.

Here’s the second part of the video, after the officer finally arrived.

The little girl’s parents FINALLY show up…

Once the parents pulled up in the van, they immediately began to explain the situation.

However, you could her Jess advise the father to “put some bells on the door.

There has been mixed response regarding this video. Some people are bashing the parents while others are defending them.

Although parenting an autistic child can be hard work — and can be exhausting — can you justify the little girl being this far away from home without the parents knowing?

This man was with her for at least 30 minutes. Even the police officer was there a good 10 minutes.

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[Featured Photo via Facebook]

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