Lawd!! See Viral Video Of Man Using Gospel Humor On A Racist White Woman Who Harassed Him

Posted On : 05/22/2018

Sean Dupree Buffington was minding his business when a white woman approached him. After she made a racial remark towards him, instead of getting angry, Buffington responded with humor.

I just screamed! ?

Posted by Sean Dupree Buffington on Thursday, May 17, 2018

After White Woman Racially Profiled A Black Man, She Couldn’t Take His Response:

A video of a black man responding to a racist white woman has gone viral and it is hilarious!

Back in September of 2017, Sean Buffington was minding his business as he was conversing with his friend by his car in a fancy, suburban neighborhood. They weren’t bothering anyone. Buffington and his friend were discussing their successful business and how they were happy with their achievements. Well, their conversation seemed to bother an older white woman who was walking through the neighborhood at that time. For some reason, she felt the need to inform Buffington and his friend that she was richer than them.

Apparently, the woman approached Buffington and his friend as she allegedly told them that they didn’t belong. The unknown then walked up to them and shared that she would call her father who she implied was wealthy. That’s when Buffington informed her that he was the son of a man with many mansions. In case you didn’t know, he was referring to Jesus. The woman then began to mention her wealth but Buffington countered and reminded her that she was holding a CD player in 2018. As she continued to argue with Buffington, his friend interrupted and reminded the woman that she could continue her walk. They were not bothering her. After being told that she could walk, the woman then let Buffington and his friend know that she could call someone. I don’t think she was ready for Buffington’s response.

The incident went viral and will forever be funny! It has been viewed over 20 million times on Facebook.

See The Viral Video Below:

At the top of his lungs, Buffington yelled the name of Jesus and the woman responded that she didn’t believe in Jesus. That’s when Buffington informed the woman that she had a devilish spirit and he tried to remove it by speaking in tongues. What’s interesting is that the woman yelled at Buffington to get away from her but she stopped and talked to them. The more the woman tried to raise her voice, Buffington shut her down when classic viral lines. He told her to ” go and be great, with her lavender”. Buffington hilariously told the woman to keep walking as he sang lines from gospel group, Mary Mary. For no reason at all, Buffington and his friend were attacked because they were standing while black.

Go Be Great With Your Lavender!

Buffington’s video instantly with viral with many people loving his comments. The video was so popular that Buffington created merchandise for his social media followers to purchase. Because of his funny wit and unique shade, many people were wondering just who Buffington is.

According to his Linked In account, the Los Angles native is political science major with dreams of make a difference in communities. He is a young community activist with goals of joining the Los Angeles city council. His passion for people is obvious as Buffington has become  well-known social media personality. In addition to wanting to make change, it appears that Buffington likes to entertain people as he is an actor as well. With his viral video and unique tag lines, people want to hear more from him.

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