Lania Sanders: Not Connected To Kenneka Jenkins’ Death AT… ALL!

Posted On : 09/12/2017

This goes to show you, people will falsify anything for likes and views — even during horrible circumstances like Kenneka Jenkins’ death.

OHIO, UNITED STATES — Via YouTube and Facebook, several people uploaded a particular video who viewers believed to be one of the girls from the Crowne Plaza room in Chicago.

Video headlines had different variations of “Kenneka’s Bestfriend Attempts Suicide.” And, it’s all TOTALLY false!

However, the truth of the matter is that this girl isn’t even in the same state — nor is she around the same age group.

Her name is Lania Sanders.

Lania Sanders I
Via her photos, many commentators asked her to smile more often. Several people indirectly hint that she’s going through some unspoken difficulties. | Photo via Lania Sanders’ Facebook.

She shocked Facebook users when they came across her live feed, on September 11.

They were horrified when they saw Sanders holding one of the knives to her throat — saying she wanted to kill herself.

One user, Kimberly Barber-Dorris, made a post about what she witnessed — as an attempt to get Lania help.

She posted as follows.

“Hey everyone! There is a young lady name Lania Sanders on live crying saying she wants to kill herself with a knife to her neck. Please this is serious. Contact her.”

Thanks to those who reported Lania’s video to police authorities, the officers seen above were able to get to her in time — as you can see from the video.

Sanders was taken into custody and taken to a medical facility. According to a friend, she’s currently undergoing treatment.


You definitely have to be careful about what you see during times of intense, trending stories.

It’s best to do your due research before sharing unsourced materials.

Facebook user Naysha LaNea says it best in her statement below.

“What’s crazy is the fact that the girl Lania Sanders who tried to kill herself on fb live is probably sitting in a psych ward right now oblivious that social media has named her as a suspect in a rape/murder of a girl that she doesn’t even know. Think about how she’s going to feel when she gets out of the hospital and realize that her character has been attacked. People do not think before they start rumors and lies. Smfh.”

People have used the phrase “she wasn’t crying last night” regarding Lania Sanders — not realizing she’s an innocent girl being erroneously connected to Kenneka’s death.

But, truth be told, she probably was crying last night … and many nights before then.

She has nothing at all to do with Kenneka’s murder.


[Featured Photo via YouTube]

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