[Video] $10,000 Labor Day Contest Gets Bizarre, Contestant Loses And Fears Getting Shot

Posted On : 09/04/2017

This kid wanted to win but slipped up. No one caught it…except his mother.

BASTROP, LOUISIANA — As you know, things have been absolutely crazy in east Texas and west Louisiana. Hurricane Harvey has wreaked complete havoc in the land. And given the aftermath, people are helping each other.

Likewise, Toyota of Bastrop held a “Hand-A-Thon” contest.

It began on September 1. Over the weekend, contestants stood attached to different 2018 Toyotas for nearly 70 hours.

However, the contest just ended an hour ago when “Trey” — the aforementioned young man, contestant No.8 — removed his hands from the vehicle for a moment while rocking his shoulders side to side.

As can be heard from the video below, his mother brought attention to it.

She was talking with him at first before his hands lifted from the vehicle. But, soon, she admitted it aloud. Trey’s mom mentions as follows.

“He did. He did. Y’all, he lifted his hands off the car. Nobody saw him. But he lifted his hands off the car…[talking to Trey] ‘You’re not going to die. You’re not going to die’…[talking to the other contestant] This my baby, and I’mma let him stay true to who he is! ‘Cause the whole time, he just said he wanted to help the people!”

It’s a little strange that Trey started saying he was going to die and didn’t want to get “shot” afterwards.

***Was he hysterical because he’s been standing at the car since September 1? One can only hope there was no one threatening this young man for his $10,000 award — had he won.***

That reaction was quite strange.

You can watch the final moments below. You’ll need to skip to the 2-hour, 14-minute mark.

Nevertheless, the winner, Kevin Moore, asked the staff if it was possible Trey could remain in the contest. That’s sportsmanship and compassion right there.

However, Trey’s mom kept people at a distance as she consoled her son during his emotional reaction to the situation.

Afterward, the staff at Toyota of Bastrop allowed Kevin to speak on camera. Kevin says it was an incredibly humbling experience.

[Video] $10,000 Labor Day Contest Takes Super Eerie Turn, Contestant Loses And Fears Getting Shot - Kevin Moore
Kevin says that, in their short time together, the lasting contestants grew close to each other.
He had the support of his parents, Betty and Leonard Moore — as well as the rest of the world. During the post-contest wrap up, Kevin gave shouts out from California to New York, New Zealand to Canada, and the Caribbean to the Netherlands.

While there were pressing times during the contest where Kevin felt like he wanted to give up, he says just seeing someone cheering for him from another country gave him the extra drive to stay in the fight.

According to Toyota of Bastrop, contestants had the option of $10,000 or a free 36-month lease on the 2018 Camry. Wisely, Kevin chose the money.

If you’re interested in watching the more of the contest, you can check out the videos below.

Sept. 1

Sept. 2

Sept. 3

Sept. 4

All in all, what are your thoughts about this contest’s ending? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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