Kid Writes Santa About Missing Gifts — ‘I Will Give You 1 Week Too Fix This’

Posted On : 12/31/2017

UNITED STATES — This is probably one of the wildest post-Christmas stories you’ll read about a kid’s gifts. This child was NOT having it. However, it backfires on him, BIG TIME.

This kid, Jeremy, didn’t exactly receive everything he wanted from Santa. Instead, he only received one of the gifts. In his letter, he counts Santa’s missed gift as a mistake — saying he’s going to allow 7 days for Big Jolly to get it right.

Note: To avoid confusion from the photos, his parents were the responders.

Via his letter, Jeremy states as follows.

“Deer Santa,

i am riting on the day after X-MAS and i am very sad. i only received 1 of the 2 presents i asked for. Sense you ate my cookys i will asoom that my missing gift wuz a miss take. i will give you 1 week too fix this.


Kid Writes Santa About Missing Gifts — 'I Will Give You 1 Week Too Fix This' I
When Santa can’t believe how Jeremy’s coming at him right now…

Well, of course, “Santa” responded. Apparently, Lil’ Jeremy asked for two “very expensive” gifts, so that’s why he could only receive one — because “Santa can only do so much.”

“Santa” also advised the child to be more appreciative of what he has rather than sad about what he doesn’t. Likewise, if the kid didn’t get his act right, he would be added to the naughty list next year.


The kid wasn’t going to take Santa’s threats sitting down. Instead, he let Saint Nick know in the following statements.

“Deer Fatty,

Your threats don’t scare me. i played your game and you did not deliver. This is not o.k. i will give you 1 week and then you will pay.


P.S. i don’t know why you care that it is expensive when you have elf slaves to make things for you. i think you are naughty for having slaves.”

Note: Seems like Jeremy has been hanging around a lot of adult conversations.

Basically, in return, “Santa” said he talked to Jeremy’s parents and convinced them to take away his Wii U.

Now, you have nothing. Once you learn to be grateful, perhaps you can have it back,” notes the response letter.

If you’d like to read the correspondence in its entirety, it’s located below.

Life came at Jeremy pretty fast ?? #ComeGetYourKidsRoommates

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Hopefully, Lil’ Jeremy learned a bit of gratitude in his Christmas journey. However, as goes his Santa logic, he did have a point, no?

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