[Video] Multi-Ethnic Kid Watches ‘Black Panther’ — Cries Because He Wants To Be ‘All Black’

Posted On : 02/24/2018

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — The kid’s sincerity is unmatched. He is literally moved to tears because he’s “half-Black” and wants to be “100 percent.”

Note: A paradigm shift is happening. It’s unquestionable. Truly, it’s amazing how “Black Panther” has flipped worldwide perception of Black heritage and pride seemingly overnight.


He goes by Cameron G., @SuperDuperCamCam via Instagram.

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According to posts, the young man’s a model with Zuri Model & Talent LA.

Well during some down time, as notes his video caption, things got interesting during a conversation with his mother.

Although in the above photo he’s all smiles, that wasn’t the case during their talk. According to Cameron, he’s upset because he’s only half-Black.

His mom states that he’s also half-Filipino/Mexican. However, Cam isn’t trying to hear any of that.

He says, if he’s not “all-Black,” he’s pretty much “white.”

He asked his mom the specific numerical percentage regarding his Blackness. She said, “50 percent.” He burst into tears and said he wants it at “100.”

If you’re interested, check the video below.


Anyone still thinks Black Panther is “just a movie”?

Yes, there was Blankman. Yes, there was Meteorman, Yes, there was Blade. But, realistically, did any kids aspire to be like them? No.

Note: Although there was a “Twilight” era where teens loved vampires, Blade unfortunately came before that was a trending thing.

However, with T’Challa — Mr. Black Panther, himself — kids now have a visual, mainstream superhero who looks like them and represents the power of African innovation, contribution, and history.

Too, his homeworld of Wakanda shows the world the beauty of and intellectual grace in African heritage. And, apparently, Cameron G. can see it clear as day.

Huge shout out to Cameron and his family — as well as Marvel for taking a chance with Ryan Coogler, director of Black Panther.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

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[Featured Photo via @SuperDuperCamCam / Instagram]

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