[Video] Alleged Parent Upset After Kid’s Classroom Tantrum Video Backfires — ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Raise And Discipline My Child!’

Posted On : 04/05/2018

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — This guy thought the situation was cute until he started getting public feedback regarding his “princess.” It was supposed to be something between himself and the teacher, but allegedly he chose to take it to Facebook; now, he AND his child are getting roasted…no marinade needed.

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According to his social media profile, Mr. Shawn Allen took it upon himself to upload a video given to him by his alleged daughter’s headstart teacher, “Benita.” In the video, you see Aria — Shawn’s supposed little girl — throwing an intense tantrum as the teacher records it for evidence.

Allen says the teacher then sent him the footage, so he could see just how the little girl was acting out as she attempted to verbally calm her.

In the upload’s caption, Shawn wrote:

“My Princess, Aria & Teacher had a lil disagreement which made Aria a little upset! Imma have to give her a timeout when she comes home!”


However, while Shawn might have thought it “cute” in his eyes — especially since she’s his “princess” — the public jumped on the situation real quick with the comments. To put it lightly, most people mentioned that his parenting skills suck, his “princess” is just plain bad, and that he’s failing as a father.

“Look at me; this is how I raise a little brat,” Justin LeJeune comments. Likewise, Sunshine Bradford mentions as follows.

“Piss poor parenting at it’s finest. Little princess needs her little a** whooped. No teacher gets paid enough to deal with this……and on top of the a** whooping she would have been made to clean up the mess she made.”


To these things, Shawn edited his video caption to include the following statement.

“Update: I don’t appreciate how everyone in the comments telling me how to raise & discipline my child. Worry about yours and I’ll worry about mines.”

That also backfired on Allen. Once people read that, they really started glazing him on slow rotation — going in on the situation because he chose to upload the video, knowing it’d receive feedback.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Maybe he was expecting all 5.6 million+ viewers to think her actions were cute as well?

“If you didn’t want people to comment and say their opinion then you should not have posted for everyone to see it,” Amy Leigh notes. [It’s]…reflection of you and your parenting skills.”

Too, Cherish Dickens mentions that it’s his fault people are commenting on the video in the first place, simply because this was supposed to be something only between teacher and parent. He’s the one who chose to post it for everyone to see.

“If the teacher would have posted this and said something about lack of parenting in the home hunni you would have lost it…I can’t with people these days.”


So, seemingly tired of the constant backlash, Allen makes another post. See it below.

Then, today — April 4 — the tantrum-throwing child‘s alleged father writes:

“Everyone know how to raise everyone else’s child but their own. How about they make sure their childs dad is in the childs life…”

Bruh, he must like getting roasted to rotisserie perfection? Because they came right back at him. Dandrick Simmons mentions as follows.

“How the f**k are you mad abut something you posted for attention in the first place this child has anger issues and obviously is not getting properly disciplined at home cause if she was she wouldn’t be acting like this in the first place Jack.”

“Question of the Day! Wonder where she has seen that type of attitude?” Ashley McCaig writes, similarly alluding to the child’s anger issues. “They see they learn…. ijs.”

Man, this is just a bad week for Shawn Allen. Things got real.

Dave Chappelle Mad Real World Chad

NOTE: A few people are also saying they don’t believe the little girl is his child, because there are no other photos of the girl on his Facebook profile — nor are there any “father-daughter” type posts regarding him being a parent prior to the video.

Victoria Bandera mentions:

“Soooo he don’t have NO pictures of her or any positive posts about lil girl but mad about people talking s**t about that video? Don’t make sense.”

“That ain’t even his child,” she notes in another post. “Just doing it to promote his media. Everybody wants to be on the shade room or next fbook comedian.”

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts about this situation? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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