Keyshia Cole’s Sister Elite, Calls Out ‘Gutter Snake’ Sister, Neffe And Spills Tea About Her Family

Posted On : 05/18/2017
Keisha Cole, Sister Elite and Sister Neffe

This is just messy…some things you just don’t say. I have never been one for airing out family business, because some things should stay behind closed doors. But for Keyshia Cole and her family…they don’t seem to have any boundaries.

Elite Noel, the little sister of Keyshia Cole and Neffe is trolling the family really bad. Or maybe she isn’t trolling, just speaking her mind.

While Neffe is fresh off of the “Iyanla: Fix My Life” train, her family is still very much in disarray… and Elite is airing it out on Instagram.

Elite hit the ‘gram last night to offer an extensive information about her ‘gutter snake’ sister and spills even more tea about their never ending family drama.


As was posted on Elite’s Instagram account but has since been removed, she had this to say:

  • ielitenoelNow I’m going to address this once and 1 time only for the media since people believe everything they hear, see and read! And since social media has taken the place of REAL COMMUNICATION between adults!….. Yes I did comment and respond to a Fan that had no clue as to what position i played ! I have been taking up for my sister neffe for years in return to be shi$!ed on because her husband didn’t like me all because I spoke the truth ! This put a dent in our relationship for good I believe but that never stopped me from having her back . Now this new Situation is not only difficult but it’s sickening! @therealneffeteria how can u tell @breannaLuvs not to speak to me when I’m the one who supported her and gave her a roof over her head her whole pregnancy? (And I ain’t talking about the house Keyshia Cole baught) a brand new 3 story million dollar home ! Neffe when bree told u she was pregnant you threatened to come over and kick her down the stairs . Only reason you didn’t pull up is because I had that 9mm ready for whoever! Its crazy that this family is full of deceit,jealousy and betrayal! For Jesus sake. My niece is living with my Ex boyfriend . A man that you don’t even know personally, that’s not out of line to you? What normal person would be ok with this? I haven’t spoken to my niece nor seen my great nephew since he was born 🤔 yet u guys live with my ex ! So yea I raged out and kept it 100 when the question was asked! Now I’m really being nice because I can speak on all the other sh!t that goes on behind closed doors but I won’t! I’m starting to believe @iyanla maybe you are a dirty file gutter snake right up out the hood! I was wrong for the comment but I’m human…i love my biological family but enough is enough.

It might be removed now, but has reposted it.

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