[Video] KeraVada CEO Pulls Product From Asian-Owned Beauty Store In Epic Way, And Here’s Why

Posted On : 05/03/2017

How many more will follow this CEO’s example? Granted, the problem isn’t every Asian-owned store. Yet, this one will no longer carry KeraVada products.

HOUSTON, TEXAS — KeraVada’s CEO, D. Ware, went into KS Beauty Store for service and recalls he wasn’t treated nicely at all.

However, that’s not what caused him to act.

Disrespecting his people…

According to D. Ware’s video, he actually took time to research the store and read up on its reviews. Apparently, this particular store in Houston is notorious for suck-a** customer service towards Black women.

The CEO didn’t report any situations as severe as the incident at Missha Beauty Store, in Charlotte, North Carolina. But he’s not tolerating any disrespect — blatant or subtle — towards his supporters.

So, he went back into KS Beauty to pull all his merchandise from the owner’s shelves.

He purchased everything which had “KeraVada” on the packaging. After the owner bagged the product and handed it to D. Ware, the CEO dropped the bomb on him.

You can watch it for yourself in the following video.

That’s what I’m talking about!

If they can’t respect you, they for d**n sure can’t make money off you, your product, and (hopefully) not your people.

Of course, that wasn’t just a verbal notice. It’s pretty much official since he recorded the situation. It’s irrefutable evidence in case the KS Beauty Store owner decides to re-up on KeraVada products anyway.

Nothing but love…

Ever since the CEO posted the video, he’s received an outpour of love and support for his acts.

And as you can see from the video, the products he purchased will be given away to his supporters.

This is a forward step in the movement. As aforementioned, everyone isn’t disrespectful. However, after dealing with so many who are, this is just another reason to “Buy Black.”

D. Ware definitely recognized an injustice toward Black women and didn’t tolerate watching from the sidelines.

Can’t even…

It gets worse. According to a Yelp review from Ashley Y., this particular beauty store manager doesn’t even allow Koreans in his store. She notes as follows.

“My first review on yelp. I received horrible customer service as I was discriminated against when I walked in. The manager does not allow Koreans into the store as he reasoned that we might just be ‘comparing prices’ with other businesses.”

She gave them one star.

It seems that the only way “people” will begin to listen is if you mess with their money. They’ll hear you loud and clear at that point.

As mentioned, KeraVada’s CEO has taken a noteworthy step in the movement. Not only is it good product, but it’s awesome character behind it.

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