More MAGA Talk From Kanye, Reveals How Lost He Truly Is

Posted On : 10/01/2018

Kanye West 13th Amendment

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — It’s apparent that Kanye West is playing games. But his recent antic is no laughing or lighthearted matter.


Kanye has completely lost his marbles and is living in some fantasy world where “love” will keep white supremacists from trying to bring back slavery via their MAGA lord and savior.

Trump essentially has given them the go-ahead to “Collect $200,” while people of color are left to dig out the leftovers of Community Chest.

Ye is front-and-center attempting to further “Massa” Trump’s efforts in taking America back to a “great” time — said no history ever.

Today, the public woke to Kanye’s buffoonish tweets, promoting the abolishment of the 13th Amendment — you know, the one which outlaws slavery and indentured servitude (except under prison labor).

But according to Kanye, he made the tweet “with love”…

“This [referencing his MAGA hat] represents good and America becoming whole again. We will no longer outsource to other countries. We build factories here in America and create jobs. We will provide jobs for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th amendment. Message sent with love.”

If you remember, Kanye just went on-air to apologize to the masses about wearing the MAGA hat — attempting to explain his position.

Now, not even half a month later, he comes with more bulls**t.

NOTE: While Kanye is supposedly preaching “love,” the person he supports — Donald Trump — is showing the total opposite. An oxymoronic duo if you’ve ever seen one.

Hell, even Kim Kardashian is over it. A source close to Kim K. recently told sources she’s exhausted with him. In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, it’s mentioned that Kanye’s antics are “overwhelming” at times and he’s “all over the place.”

“It’s happening again. Late night texts, and he’s all over the place. He’s not sleeping a lot at night, just a few hours per night, and he’s go go go. But he’s not making a lot of sense.”

“He’s moving to Chicago,” the source continues. “No, he’s working on new music. No, he’s doing some sort of memorial to his mom. No, he’s focusing on Kim and the kids. He’s withdrawing. He wants to be social. It never stops. He’s not focused right now.”


Since Kanye can’t seem to “focus” long enough to realize he’s endorsing a piece of s**t and piece-of-s**t cause, it’s possible the consumer should make him see the light a bit clearer.

It’s a well-known fact that people don’t start listening until you begin to mess with their money. Kanye is apparently no different.

Although Ye is observably talking “love,” is it not also observable that he’s just as narcissistic as Donald Trump? Why else would he offer such blind, unyielding support — even after 45 has proven to be the exact opposite of “love?”

Maybe if no one buys his albums, clothes, tour tickets, cologne, mugs, bookmarks, or anything else conceivably “Ye,” he might cut out all the foolishness and “free thinking.”

Because his thoughts are coming with a hell of a cost to the culture and Black community.

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