[Video] Justin Gatlin Wins Final Race Of Usain Bolt’s Career, Post-Run Press Conference Gets Heated

Posted On : 08/06/2017

Fans were stunned. Usain Bolt was shocked. Heck, even Justin Gatlin was in awe. After so many years of going head-to-head, Gatlin pulls the victory at Bolt’s most crucial moment.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — “Not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin.” Apparently, this saying doesn’t apply to Justin Gatlin because that’s pretty much how he won.

It was an incredibly close race — a “photo finish,” actually. But, things got even more interesting during the post-race press conference when biased reporters came at them sideways.

Off the block…

Usain was taken by world rookie Christian Coleman. Bolt’s start off the line was trouble, and he ended up paying the price for it.

Although he attempted, he couldn’t catch Coleman. However, U.S. veteran Justin Gatlin could…and did.

Around the last 50 meters, things took a turn as Gatlin pulled up beside Bolt and Coleman. Then at the finish, Gatlin was clearly the champion of the race.

It didn’t fully register at first. Coleman was also close. Yet, when the final results were displayed, Gatlin let out a victor’s roar amid the stadium of “boo”s.

If you’re interested in watching the race for yourself, check the video below for the full event.

Paying homage…

Immediately after the run, Usain Bolt walked over to Justin Gatlin who took a bow of respect to the man who reigned as champ for the last 8 years.

Both, Bolt and Gatlin shared a congratulatory hug and a few words to commemorate the accomplishment.

Likewise, Christian Coleman joined in the brotherly celebration.

Yet, here’s where things got interesting…

Of course, the trio was gracious enough to join reporters for a post-race conference for questions — especially considering the magnitude of the win for Gatlin.

However, some reporters got beside themselves. One in particular came so sideways that Usain Bolt went to bat for Justin Gatlin against the reporter’s claims of drug “doping.”

The reporter asked if Gatlin truly understood why stadium attendees were booing him. According to Gatlin, he didn’t need to understand. However, this reporter also stated that run times were significantly slower than years-past.

According to NBC Sports, “Gatlin, like Bolt, slowed from 2015 to 2016 to 2017.

However, she insinuated there was a drastic difference because — this time — none of them were presumed to be doping.

Check it out for yourself, around the 15-minute marker.

Regardless the nationality, it’s great to see Black men sticking together in their professions. These are true legends right here.

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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