Joy Lane, Ex-Girlfriend Of Easter Sunday Shooter Steve Stephen Breaks Silence

Posted On : 04/17/2017

While most of us were enjoying the Easter holiday with family and friends, a gunman fatally shot an elderly man at random.

We here at The Black Loop were one of the first to report the shooting that was posted live on Facebook. Just like you, we were shocked and sickened by this man disregard for life. To see the video of an innocent and defenseless man being killed enraged us.

The alleged shooter, Steve Stephens also claimed to have killed several other people on Easter Sunday, Cleveland Police say. He is now wanted for homicide, Cleveland Police said in a press release. Only one shooting, which was seen in video on Facebook, has been confirmed, police said.

We have uncovered 4 revealing facts about the alleged shooter, and although this story is developing, it seems that Steve Stephens doesn’t fit the profile of someone who would do such a evil thing.

1. ‘Found Me Somebody I’m Going to Kill, This Guy Right Here, This Old Dude’

Steve Stephens, also known as Stevie Steve, is a case manager at Beech Brook, a behavioral health agency. He hails from and lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Stephens broadcast himself on Facebook Live killing an innocent old man named Robert Godwin, Sr. in April 2017. He is currently on the run from authorities. He claims he has killed many more people as well.

Police have said Stephens will face an aggravated murder charge and have requested a high bail amount when he is arrested:

2. Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

In Steven Stephen’s Facebook video, he gives shout out to Omega Psi Phi. People claim to be part of “Greek life” all the time. Likewise, they join different fraternities and sororities for various reasons. Among those reasons, for some, is a need to “belong.”

Omega Psi Phi Responds To Steven Stephens' Shooting, But It's Not What You'd Think I
According to Stephen’s manifesto video, he mentioned being exhausted with always having to prove himself to people and having no one to turn to regarding life. So, it’s very possible those were a few reasons he joined Omega Psi Phi.

3. He Has Blamed the Shootings on His Ex-Girlfriend & Gambling at Casinos Over the Past Year

via Facebook
via Facebook

On Facebook, Stephens blamed the shootings on a woman, Joy Lane, who appears to have been his girlfriend. He wrote in the caption of a photo with her, “three years I spent with this bi#ch … I wish we never met.”

4. Ex-Girlfriend Joy Lane

According to Everipedia, Joy Lane also known as Joy Carr is the ex-girlfriend of Steve Stephens (Stevie Steve) who randomly murdered Robert Godwin, Sr., an innocent senior citizen on Facebook Live after his breakup with her.

According to Steve in his pre-shooting manifesto, he had dated Joy Lane for three years. Joy confirmed that they had been in a long-term relationship and that he had been a nice guy who was good to her children in a text to CBS News. He thought that she was the love of his life and that they would get married, however they later broke-up. In the video he also blamed his gambling addiction on Joy Lane, saying that she drove him to gamble and lose everything he owned. However in the video he also blamed his mother Maggie Green for the lack of concern she showed him.

 Joy’s Response to the Murders

Joy Lane, sent the following text message to CBS News about the shooting and her relationship with Steve Stephens:

“We had been in a relationship for several years. I am sorry that all of this has happened. My heart & prayers goes out to the family members of the victim(s). Steve really is a nice guy… he is generous with everyone he knows. He was kind and loving to me and my children. This is a very difficult time for me and my family Please respect our privacy at this time.”

Joy posted the following message about the shooting on Facebook before deleting her account:

“This is the fastest way to update everybody. I am safe and with the police. I am Not okay… this is a lot. I can’t believe this is happening. I am very sad for everyone involved. I am praying for them and I am praying for Steve. He needs help.” She has since deleted her account.


A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family of the victim, Robert Godwin. The crowd funding website says it has confirmed the funds will be given to the family.

A $50,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of Stephens, authorities said.


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