Jesse Williams Debuts His New Girlfriend Amid Bitter Battle With Ex-Wife

Posted On : 02/25/2019
Jesse Williams with actress Taylour Paige (via The Shaderoom)

Grey’s Anatomy star and social activists, Jesse Williams (37), is most definitely out here enjoying his newly single and ready to mingle life, now that he’s officially divorced from his ex-wife. Photos have just surfaced of Jesse with his new bae at Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s Oscars party on Sunday (February 24, 2019) night.

So Who Is Jesse’s New Boo-Thang?

She’s none other than Taylour Paige. In case y’all are reading this and saying to yourselves, ‘Who the hell is Taylour Paige?,’ no worries, let us explain. She’s the 28 year old actress best known for her role on VH1’s series Hit The Floor.

Jesse and Taylour looked comfy cozy when they were photographed walking hand-in-hand near the Oscars party.

So far, this is Jesse’s fourth public romantic involvement since he and his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, divorced in September 2017, but hopefully this thing he has goin’ on with Taylour sticks.

You gotta give it to her…she’s beautiful.

Check out this beautiful pic of her and what the divorce battle on the next page>>>

They make a cool couple and this is their second time being seen together since they were first spotted at the Sundance Film Festival a few months back.

Jesse Williams’ bae,’ actress Taylour Paige

Jesse’s Nasty Legal Battle With Ex-Wife

Speaking of Jesse’s ex-wife, Aryn has been letting him HAVE it in court lately! They are in the midst of a heated child support battle over their two kids- whom they share joint custody and Aryn is making sure she collects every single coin possible.

Jesse will be taking her back to court soon, to attempt to get his $100,000 monthly child support payments reduced, because he says that’s waaaay more than their children need on a monthly basis.

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However, after five years of marriage, the former Mrs. filed new court docs a few days ago, asking the judge to grant her nearly $1 MILLION from Jesse’s bank account. Why? Well, according to The Blast, the breakdown of her support request is as follows:

In regard to child support, she wants the $50,000 a month [per child] to stay the same, saying Jesse Williams is still making bank on the hit show. She will be seeking $737,605 in retroactive child support, minus $100k already paid, for a total of $637,605. She does suggest cutting her $50k monthly spousal support down to $29,918, which would be paid until at least 2020. Drake-Lee also wants retroactive spousal support to the tune of $251,602.

She also wants their homes:

Via TB: She wants to keep the Los Angeles mansion they shared during their marriage along with a Brooklyn home she bought and Oakland home she has interest in. Drake-Lee wants Williams’ residuals to continue to be split and wants her cut of the $796,800 profit participation check Disney paid him in 2017.

In addition to Aryn Drake-Lee’s financial requests, she seems to be trying to make sure Jesse brings none of his new girlfriends around their kids, until he starts getting serious with one of them:

Via TB: Drake-Lee will also be asking for the judge to order neither party is to introduce the kids to his/her significant other until at least six months into the relationship. She wants no social media posting of the kids either.

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