Anti-Racism Activist Jane Elliott: ‘Blacks Were Here First, And Blacks Are Going To Be Here Last’

Posted On : 08/24/2017

Looks like Jane Elliott is to the point where she’s tired of white ignorance, too.

In an interview with journalist and talk show host Karen Hunter, Elliott expressed her distaste for people who can’t seem to grasp the concept of unity — particularly white racists, whether known or unknown.

“Cousin Jane,” as Hunter calls her during the interview, mentions that there’s only the human race on this planet (as concerns “people”).

According to Elliott, the issue of ethnicity, race, and nationality keeps us divided — even though, as notes Jane, “we’re all cousins.

Unlike many people who look like her, Elliott understands that human life began in Africa and spread throughout the world.

Flawless experiment…

If you don’t know about Jane Elliott’s ongoing experiment called “Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes,” it’s rendered much success in revealing that — while many whites deny people of different ethnicities are treated unfairly — underneath the false denial, they know it’s the truth.

During the experiment, she essentially asks everyone to stand. Then, she asks a series of seemingly-regular questions regarding ethnicity.

And after everyone’s proud of their particular ethnicity, she asks those who are standing to continue standing if they’d like to be treated the same way Blacks are and have been treated in this country.

Interestingly enough, everyone always sits down.

So doesn’t that mean they understand what Black people are going through? As Jane says, “they don’t want it for themselves.”

Elliott says her experiment has the same result no matter where she conducts it. Similarly, those who are guilty feel offended.

However, as the saying goes: “Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean I’m wrong; it just means the truth offends you.

If you’re interested in her interview, you can watch the video below.

The will of ignorance…

According to Jane Elliott, they don’t care about history or researching it for themselves. Elliott says they only know what was taught in the educational system, and that’s as far as they tend to go — like being brainwashed or programmed.

It’s crazy that whenever you try to talk “reason” with someone who clearly doesn’t understand, it only becomes ever-more-apparent that they WILLINGLY don’t understand — just as Jane Elliott emphasizes.

Nevertheless, as Elliott mentions at the end of her interview: “Blacks were here first, and Black are going to be here last.

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