It’s Official! Meet San Francisco’s First Black Female Mayor

Posted On : 06/14/2018

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — A milestone has been achieved in San Fran as its first Black female was elected mayor just a day ago. And, she has plenty to say about her victory.

According to NBC News, now-former San Francisco Supervisor London Breed, 43, triumphed over her running mates on Wednesday, June 13.

She effectively became the city’s first Black woman mayor after defeating a rival — Senator Mark Leno, who was seeking to become the first openly gay mayor.

The source says it took eight days of counting after Election Day — June 5, as previously reported by Black Loop — for Breed’s lead to show itself. Now, she sits at the city’s top job.

Reportedly, rival Leno phoned Breed to congratulate her victorious win. Likewise, later in the day, she briefly spoke with reporters and supporters on the steps of City Hall.

NBC News mentions that Breed said she was humbled as she looks forward to serving as mayor.


Although, specifically, Breed also had a message for San Francisco’s youth, especially kids who grew up poor — reportedly like herself.

“No matter where you come from, no matter what you decide to do in life, you can do anything you want to do. Never let your circumstances determine your outcome in life.”

The source states that Breed has vowed to rid San Francisco’s sidewalks of homeless tent camps within a year. According to NBC News, the city is economically thriving. However, it’s laced in “homelessness” and “unaffordable housing” situations.

As a matter of fact, during the race, Leno and another running mate asked their supporters to pick each other as the “No.2,” because — allegedly — “Breed represented the status quo that made San Francisco so inequitable,” the source notes.

Nevertheless, her turnout still exceeded 50 percent, even after the death of Mayor Ed Lee in December 2017, which was covered by Black Loop. During that time, Breed took over as acting mayor in order to fill in the gap.

Reportedly, Breed will finish the rest of Lee’s term as her own — which ends in early 2020 — and will need to run in November 2019 for a full four-year term.

According to the source, Breed mentioned the following statement to Associated Press in a pre-election interview:

“I ask people to not attribute what I’ve done — my success and how hard I’ve worked — to not reduce that or attribute that to someone else.”


The source also notes that Breed is the former executive director of the city’s African American Art & Culture Complex.

As emphasis on her victory, she grew up in the historically Black “Western Addition” area of San Fran and was raised by her grandmother in public housing.

“They drank powdered milk and ate meat from a can labeled ‘pork,'” the source mentioned.

And during her City Hall press conference, the new mayor paid homage to her late grandmother.

“She took care of the community; she took care of me even on days when I didn’t deserve it, and so being here in her honor means so much,” Breed noted.

All in all, here’s a huge CONGRATULATIONS!

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[Featured Photo via Collective PAC / Twitter]

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