Is Nick Cannon ‘Keeping The Lights On’ At MTV? [Video]

Posted On : 03/09/2018

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Nick Cannon has one of (if not) THE longest-running shows on MTV. In the age of Internet “everything,” how else is the channel still relevant?

In a recent interview with Power 106 – Los Angeles, Nick Cannon touched on his career — specifically the method’s by which he has helped numerous people in the industry, as well as the industry, itself.

While it’s no doubt that Cannon is very-much-still “Mr. Nickelodeon,” he has also contributed to some of the biggest names and shows you know in entertainment.


As the interview progresses, J Cruz mentions that Nick is basically “keeping the lights on” at MTV. According to Cannon, his show — Wild ‘n Out — has been on-air for 13 years so far.

J CRUZ:Wild ‘n Out, um, congratulations. That is a RUN, my guy.

CANNON:Thank you, thank you. We still pushing, man. And, we’re No.1 over there. We’re just gonna keep coming with these seasons.

During the talk, Nick mentions that the show would probably film its next season in Atlanta, Georgia.

Note: Nick Cannon mentions this during his discussion about Donald Glover (Childish Gambino). J Cruz asks if Nick is keeping up with the critically-acclaimed show, “Atlanta.”


If you didn’t know, when Nick walked away from America’s Got Talent, he was getting $4.5 million per season as the show’s host, according to BET. That’s no chump change.

The source notes that it happened when he wasn’t willing to compromise his brand to conform to the show-heads’ desires. Via Twitter, Nick mentioned as follows.

“John Lennon said it best! Soon as you stand up for yourself, they brush you off as crazy!…They Shootin at me, but they didn’t know the Cannon was bulletproof!”

And “bulletproof,” he is. Mind you, he was getting America’s Got Talent salary while getting MTV’s Wild ‘n Out money, as well as all the coins from Nickelodeon — not to mention movie residuals.

Note: According to Power 106, he’s also starting a new Nickelodeon game show called Musical Dares. The source says it was ordered for 10 episodes via the company’s YouTube channel. Specifically, Cannon says, “It’s a game show and dance party all rolled into one big, fun, silly, messy spectacle.”

So, in case you haven’t figured it out before now, Cannon is a fully-loaded brother.

According to Bankrate, Nick’s net worth is currently $50 million. Sure, that’s a far cry from Mariah Carey‘s whopping $520 million net worth. However, $50 mil is still $50 mil at the end of the day.


Nevertheless, as the interview continues, Cannon brings up future endeavors pertaining to the show. The word of the day is “expansion.”

CANNON:You know, we’re doing the tour with it, and opening these sports bars all across it, so I’m going after…

J CRUZ:Wild ‘n Out themed sports bars??

CANNON:Yeah, yeah. So, we’re going after that Dave & Busters / Hooters business.

CECE:Are you gonna do one in LA??

CANNON:Yeah, yeah. We’re gonna do one right on Hollywood Boulevard.

CECE:Hell yassss! That’s gonna be dope.

According to Nick Cannon, the name of the bar is exactly that of the show. And like the show, Cannon plans to have themes to correlate. He mentions as follows.

“If you watch the show, like where we have the game with the mechanical bull — called “Why You Bull Spittin'” — we’re gonna have mechanical bulls in there. All of that stuff, even the new joint I created…with the wild hot sauce, so you’ll have the wild sauce at the sports bar…the wings and all that stuff. You know, enterprising over here.”


Actually, Nick says they were supposed to have the spot on Hollywood Blvd open already. However, they got delayed due to unforeseen protocols. Essentially, he’s making sure he’s up to code.

J CRUZ:You already got the spot?

CANNON:Yeah…I wanted to be open by All-Star Weekend, but you know…city ordinances and all that stuff takes a while…you think you can just pop up and be like [ready for business], but you gotta go through the City…they protect the city off the historical element of ‘Hollywood’, so if you wanna add a patio or something like that, they’re like, ‘Yo, this has been here since 1902’…People have to vote on that stuff. It takes a little bit of time, but we’re gonna have it open by the end of the year.

If you’re interested in the full interview, you can watch it in the video below.

All in all, what are your thoughts on the future of Nick Cannon’s business endeavors? He has been pretty successful thus far. It doesn’t look like he plans on slowing down anytime soon.

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