Irene Roberts Spotted At Chicago Police Station — Confession Time?

Posted On : 09/12/2017

It’s more than obvious none of these teens’ stories are adding up or staying remotely coherent. But, here’s the latest development.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Facebook user Brittany Milot found something incredibly interesting as she walked into a North Chicago police precinct.

According to Milot, she was just there to pick up a vehicle. However, she found Irene Roberts waiting in the lobby.

So, of course, Milot wanted to do her due diligence in getting the footage.

According to Milot, Irene and her company were in there discussing the incident, allegedly placing the blame on Monifah Shelton — the supposed-best friend of the victim, Kenneka Jenkins.

During the course of the following video, you’ll see that Brittany Milot exits and re-enters the precinct multiple times.

However, when Irene and her company finally realize that Milot is recording them, things get heated.

WARNING: The following videos contain strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.


She was the camerawoman with the “Captain Reflecto” sunglasses at the notorious Crowne Plaza party.

Early Sunday morning, September 10, Irene was one of four females at a hotel room party on the 9th floor of the Crowne Plaza.

During the party, some shady guys were invited to the room. Eventually, as the night progressed, 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins would allegedly be raped and killed.

However, several text messages suggest Irene Roberts helped set up the situation for some cash — along with Kenneka’s best friend, Monifah.

People had been MAD confused about whether Irene was employed at the hotel. However, it’s Monifah who was employed there.

According to Irene’s Facebook, she’s employed with L.G.M. Entertainment, not Crowne Plaza.

All while Kenneka was missing, the girls were posting to Facebook in each other’s comment sections about not being able to find her.

People thought it was extra sketchy, almost as if they were trying to overshow a weak, Facebook-noted alibi?


According to WGN 9, activist Andrew Holmes mentioned as follows.

“Best friend, no friend, you’re a suspect, you was in there, just come forward. You was happy enough to put yourself on Facebook, now be happy enough to come over here and tell these detectives what happened. Everyone that was in that room should march down to the police department. Somebody inside that room knows what happened.”

So, Irene Roberts showed up.

Maybe Irene feels she should talk before Monifah decides to do the same?

However, there have been no reports regarding any potential confessions or further story details at this time.

Nevertheless, stay tuned as Black Loop keeps you informed on the developing story.

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