iPhone X: ‘Apple, When Exactly Can You Take My Money?’

Posted On : 09/12/2017

While people were waiting on the iPhone 8’s arrival, Apple hit everyone with the curveball. There’s also a new type of iPhone releasing along with 8-series.

SOMEWHERE RECALCULATING MY BUDGET — If you don’t know, there was serious chatter about iPhone’s 8-series being excessively overpriced.

Pretty much, iPhone users are getting ready to pay a $700 for the new 8’s.

Well, as an alternative — and to celebrate 10 years of innovation — Apple has also decided to release a brand new type of iPhone, simultaneously.


You know, honestly, people think they’re getting more bang for their buck with the “Plus” editions.

But realistically, users are simply getting more hardware to hold — and not necessarily more screen.

Yet, with the iPhone X, nearly the entire phone is screen.

To be real, the phone is like a pocket-sized computer. Look at the recognition technology seen in the photo below, alone.

If placed beside the iPhone 8 Plus, the X takes up all of the Plus’ body — minus the top portion of the phone.

iPhone X - Apple, On What Date Will You Be Taking My Money - Comparison
As you can see, the iPhone X’s screen, itself, is even bigger than the entire iPhone 8. And, its screen is still larger than the iPhone 8 Plus’ screen.

You should take a look at the demo to get a better understanding.

***Also, remember, all the bugs haven’t exactly been worked out just yet.***

However, while the iPhone X comes with loads of new tech, people are being heavily turned off by the price.

And that’s totally understandable, right?

But dang …

Do you think it’s worth the buy?

As mentioned in the video, pre-orders start on October 27. Phone availability is November 3.

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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