[Video] Woman Buys iPhone For $100, But Doesn’t Check Box Until Getting Home

Posted On : 11/20/2017

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — No matter how trustworthy people might seem, you always check your purchases on the spot when not buying from a retailer.

Catherine Brunson is the victim in this situation.

[Video] Woman Buys iPhone For $100, But Waits To Open Box At Home — Should've Checked III
Catherine Brunson. Photo Credit: Facebook.
According to her, there was a truck with balloons driving around the city with a “Black Friday Sale” banner taped to the vehicle.

So, like many who want to catch a deal, she wanted to see what was up and checked out the inventory. Catherine said they had some of any and everything you could think on the truck.

She says she asked one of the “salesmen” about their iPhone 6. According to her, he quoted her a $100 price which was supposedly good for only that day. You know how salesmen try to hit you with the “for today only” pitch.


While having a few doubts, she asked the man to call the phone to ensure it’s functionality. He called, and everything seemed to work fine.

The man told her it was already activated through Boost Mobile, and the phone bill wasn’t due until December 20.

After further inspecting the phone and finding it “legit,” she told him she wanted it and paid the money.

Catherine mentions he turned around and put the phone into the box, then hands it to her.


So, she finally gets home — ready to enjoy the thrills of her Black Friday come-up. She said the box was heavy, just as if there was an iPhone in the packaging. But when she opened it. Lord!

“This n***a sold me a box of potatoes!! A box of potatoes for $100!”

Literally! Catherine had 11 diced potatoes in her iPhone 6 box…but no iPhone.

“Not only did he give me a box of potatoes, y’all. THIS N***A gave me an Android charger. What the heck I’m ‘posed to do with this?! What!?! … Like, I’m so hurt right now, y’all… I’m bout to go to jail.”

According to Catherine, she was going to make it her mission to find those “OLD N***AS.”

WARNING: The following video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Message: Always, always, always check the things you buy — especially if it’s from a questionable seller. While Catherine figured she had covered all bases, he hit her with the slight of hand at the end.

All in all, let us know what you think about this incident. Has something like this happened to you or someone you know? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Catherine Brunson / Facebook]

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