Instagram Star Allegedly Scams Over $60,000 From Her Fans — ‘Living My Best Life’

Posted On : 07/18/2018


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BRONX, NEW YORK — People are often gullible when they believe in and trust you. Now, this IG star’s credibility is on the chopping block after allegedly swindling fans out of their cash.

According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, her name is Ashley Bautista, but the Instagram star’s fans most know her by Young Ash.

Reportedly, the source says Ashley was — along with 5 others — recently charged in a scheme called “card cracking,” as the office mentions in the following statement.

“According to the indictment and documents filed in court, between August and September 2017, the defendants obtained victims’ personal information, deposited forged checks, and used ATM cards to withdraw funds from the accounts as part of a coordinated scheme known as ‘card cracking.'”

As the source notes, there were others involved in the alleged crime, and each individual had his/her own duty, as regards data accumulation. Two guys were considered “runners” and would pick up info in-person.

Whereas, two others would collect information from tenants at a high-rise apartment complex. According to the district attorney’s office, the concierge would take photos of tenants’ rent checks and acquire their banking information.


Ashley’s alleged job, as a social media celebrity, was luring people with life’s glamour — showcasing what it’s like not to be “broke.”

Even so far back as 2014, Bautista’s Twitter profile posted money shots.

Yet, shortly before June 17, 2014, Ashley seemingly warned people: “If I Dm’n u I’m sorry it’s not me twitter hacked 😭😭”

Likewise, she possibly hadn’t made a post on the Twitter page since then. Prior to that point, she posted several photos of herself. And after that point, no selfies. But her actual Instagram page is full of them.

NOTE: Then again, her first Instagram post is from March 28 of this year.

Nonetheless, to her fans, she posted to IG nearly a week ago.

“I did not scam my fans, I would never hurt them they are my hearts. The truth will come out on it’s own. They know I always spread messages to motivate and stay positive, I recently learned to appreciate life for what it is and to NEVER entertain the negative or the HATE.”


District Attorney Vance feels differently regarding Ashley Bautista’s plight.

“As Commissioner O’Neill and I warned last year, ‘card cracking’ scammers with large followings on Snapchat and other platforms are luring people into their schemes by showing off designer merchandise, luxury cars, and stacks of cash,” Vance mentions.

“Social media users who see these posts promising quick, fast money should know that they are scams, they are illegal, and those who coordinate and participate in them may find themselves facing criminal charges like the ones contained in today’s indictment.”

According to Vance, these are “constantly evolving” identity theft and financial crimes.

The D.A.’s office says Ashley is charged with:

  • Grand Larceny in the Third Degree, a class D felony, 2 counts
  • and Scheme to Defraud in the First Degree, a class D felony, 1 count.

But just to note, the site also states: “The charges contained in the indictment are merely allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.”

Living my best life

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All in all, what are your thoughts about this situation? Do you think she was hacked and is being framed? Or do you think she’s part of the scheme? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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