Instagram Model Is Thicker Than 13 Snickers, And She Has The Gram Lit

Posted On : 03/27/2018

Why can’t we get enough of these beautiful Instagram models? We’ve all heard of Bernice Burgos who was allegedly at the center of Tiny and T.I.’s relationship drama. And then there’s the beautiful Lira Galore, who once dated Rick Ross…but say hello to Brianna Francisco!

Gorgeous And Sweet At The Same Damn Time!

? one of many archives lol

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Her government name is Brianna Francisco, but she goes on IG as Brianna Amor. She recently set the record straight about her actual size.

“I’m not a size 18 I wear a size 11 or 13 in jeans lol and I can still fit a medium partially because I’m short 5”3, I know my pictures make me look thick…”

#flashbackfriday #toomuchsauce ?

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She doesn’t appear to be a day over 20 years old, but she’s actually 30 years old according to a source. She’s becoming extremely popular on IG. Her biggest claim to fame so far has been a music video with T.I. “Big Things Poppin”, and she was also featured in XXL Magazine.

Everything Gucci!

? shot by me ?

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  • She’s approximately 30 years old
  • Modeling since 2006
  • Afro Latina
  • Lives either in Miami or Atlanta (or both)
  • Birthday is April 10th
  • Recently visited Dubai
  • Has over 500K followers on IG
  • She went to a Catholic High School

@briannaamor In catholic school the skirts never fit properly ??? i remember the front used to be long and the back short #NorthCambridgeCatholic

J E L L Y ?

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Keep doing your thang boo!

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