Hurricane José Upgrades To Cat-4, To Potentially Slam Caribbeans Days After Irma’s Devastation

Posted On : 09/09/2017

Mother Nature, would you let up already!? Caribbeans haven’t caught their breaths yet. Now, another Cat-4 is about to plow through??

LEEWARD ISLANDS, CARIBBEANS — Hurricane Irma destroyed much of the islands just hours ago. And as can be seen from satellite imagery, José was right on Irma’s backside.

At first — as all hurricanes start — José began as a simple tropical depression/storm.

But as of Friday, CNN reports that Hurricane José strengthened to an “extremely dangerous” Category-4 storm. That means José would have maximum sustained winds of 155 mph when arriving in the Caribbeans.

The source reports that, as short as 12 hours ago, the storm was about “265 miles east-southeast of the Northern Leeward Islands,” around 8 p.m. Eastern Standard, Friday.

And according to the National Hurricane Center, José was moving west-northwest at 14 mph.

CNN reports on the hurricane as follows.

“A hurricane warning was put into effect Friday for Barbuda and Anguilla, St. Martin and St. Barts. A hurricane watch remained in effect for Antigua.”

Mind you, this is just hours after “the eye of Irma passed over Barbuda on Wednesday,” as notes the source.

Irma destroyed several telecommunication systems and cell towers, effectively damaging about 95 percent of the buildings on the island.

Nevertheless, Hurricane José’s newly-projected path may veer northwest, downgrading as it spirals out of strength — as shown in the photo below.

Hopefully, José’s path can change a little more before reaching the Caribbeans, totally avoiding them altogether.

Yet, let us know what you think about this developing storm system. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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