You Need This Black Officer’s Instructions — How To Survive Police Encounter

Posted On : 07/05/2017

In a world where traffic stops can go wrong at any moment, it’s important to exercise as many cautions as possible. “Survive the encounter.”

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — We can blame police officers all day long, but at the end of the day, you see what happens via the court system. So, it’s time we play the situation wisely.

Sometimes, the toughest thing to do is shut up, stay quiet, and compliant — even when officers are wrong. It’s your life on the line. All in all, your goal should be to make it home alive.

Post-Philando-Castile’s murder, Officer Lucien Black gives this particular, insider advice about traffic stops and weapons.

According to Black, before you even stop your car, if you have a weapon, it needs to be disassembled and placed on your dash — as in, your magazine on the seat and your pistol on the dash, “action open.”

Likewise, your license and registration should already be in view, preferably also on the dash — with your hands on the steering wheel in “10 and 2” positions. Black says these precautions terminate all negative conversation or action which could occur.

Although, interestingly enough, Black also acknowledges that police officers intentionally instigate situations in attempt to get you to act. According to him, it’s not about serving and protecting anymore. Rather, it’s about finding infractions.

So, it’s your responsibility not to give them a reason…

It obviously doesn’t matter that police have been trained yet choose to be stressed in traffic stops.

So, somewhere, we have to utilize common sense for ourselves. As Kendrick Lamar says, “Be humble.”

In that moment, you have to stop comparing yourself or the situation to those of other ethnicities. It’s not going to be the same with Blacks.

With this in mind, control what you can control…and that is your own actions.

Again, it’s your life that’s on the line. It’s your family’s life on the line. It’s your job to survive the encounter…not provoke the officer — although, it’s totally understandable to be upset about the situation. Yet, as you can see from the many police shootings, they could really care less if you make it home safely.

They usually walk to the car with a paranoid mindset from the start. So — generally — either you’re both making it home safe, or you’re going to jail for a minor infraction … or worse, being taken away in a body bag.

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