Housekeeper Goes On Lunch Break, And Returns $25,000 Richer

Posted On : 06/07/2018
Housekeeper Goes On Lunch, Returns To Work $25,000 Richer - N & R Food Mart
Photo via Google Maps/screengrab.

BLACKSHEAR, GEORGIA — It’s interesting how life can work out sometimes. For this woman, “life’s a beach”; she has her toes in the sand and is enjoying the rays!

“My bday tomorrow and all I want is some roses, dollar tree balloons, Tweety bird cake, Air Max, and i believe that’s it… just that simple
Thanks family and friends.” — Jacqueline Denton

Well, good fortunate shone on Ms. Denton, and she probably got those Air Max and more. Denton, 31, recently received one heck of an early birthday present. In early March, Denton posted pics and gratitude updates to multiple people who helped make her birthday amazing.

However, somewhere around her bday, Denton was on her lunch break and decided to grab something to eat at N&R Food Mart, on 703 Gordon Street. Well, apparently, she went into the store and also decided to purchase a 777 Slots of Luck scratch-off ticket with her food.

Scratching The Ticket!

After scratching the ticket and revealing it to be a $25,000 winner, Denton said she was stunned.

“I kept asking, ‘Are my eyes playing tricks on me?'” she told Georgia Lottery. “I didn’t think it was real.”

According to the source, at the time of the interview, she planned to use her winnings to pay off some bills and celebrate her upcoming birthday.

“I’ve never won this much money before,” Denton mentioned. “I’m definitely going to treat myself.”

As stated, she also received various gifts from friends and family. On March 8, Denton posted:

“Thank y’all for making my bday special…From the Jimmy Choo ( ), necklace ( ), hair Kimberly Denton down to the cake LaTicia Gilliam…I really appreciate it! And thanks again to each n everyone that told me happy bday??”

As you can see, she definitely received her aforementioned Tweety Bird cake.

Likewise, Jacqueline gave a few birthday shoutouts of her own:

“Thank you Lord for letting me see another bday. Plenty of days I thought i wouldn’t be here but God!!! Bday shout out to my bday twins, happy bday brother Jervis Kay, Tanzier Janae my cousin Keke Burgess friend Valarie Floyd and my homie Deverick Wooten.”

Happy Birthday!

While they probably didn’t receive as awesome a birthday gift as Denton, it was probably still a good time!

According to Georgia Lottery, the $1 million, 777 Slots of Luck game is “loaded with cash prizes,” including $1 million top prizes, $25,000 second-tier prizes, $10,000 third-tier prizes, and more.

It seems that “Jacqueline” is the name to have when it comes to lotto luck! In a previous Black Loop story, Jacqueline Brady also won an even larger prize.

Reportedly, Brady was similarly taking a lunch break and decided to purchase a ticket. She played the Power 5’s ticket and took home a whopping $555,555.00.

Maybe it’s time to look into a name change, right?

Housekeeper Goes On Lunch, Returns To Work $25,000 Richer - Jacqueline Denton
Photo via Georgia Lottery Commission.

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[Featured Photo via Jacqueline Madison Denton / Facebook]

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