Once Homeless, His $20M Dollar Company Is Now Considered The Uber Of Trucking

Posted On : 10/18/2018

Amari Ruff did not let his tough upbringing get in the way of his dreams. When he was just a teen he took on the responsibility of studying and helping his single mother make ends meet. He didn’t have a stable home life and lived between homeless shelters. But due to his hard work ethic, the 34-year old is now the proud owner of a multi-million dollar trucking company called Sudu.

He Grew A Business To $4.5 Million In Revenue

When Amari was just 16, he was faced with the arduous task of traveling four hours a day to attend high school. He had no choice, as it was the only available homeless shelter for his family to live in. If that wasn’t hard enough, his military father left the family; so he had to get a part time job to support his mom and two siblings.

However, Amari’s endurance led him to a company where he negotiated significant enterprise contracts. The savvy businessman helped the company grow to annual revenues of $4.5 million.

Despite his obvious talent, he was not promoted into the position he was promised.

The setback spurned Amari on to run his own business. In 2010 – with  just $300 dollars and a 1990 Ford Ranger, he started up a telecommunications company. Before long, he managed to grow it to almost 200 trucks and five U.S. locations. 

He Has Been Recognized For His Work

In 2015, Amari launched Sudu – a service that connects aspiring entrepreneurs to giant corporations such as Walmart and UPS. These small and medium-sized trucking companies then ship their goods to these major companies. 

Amari chose the name Sudu, which is a Chinese word that means speed and tempo. He believes it perfectly represents his business, which is considered the “Uber” for truckers.

Within three years, Sudu, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, has grown to having more than 300,000 trucking companies. The dedicated father makes sure the network includes minority, women, and veteran-owned trucking companies.

For his incredible achievements Amari has won awards such as the 2016 NMTA Minority Business of the Year, the 2017 Georgia Trend Magazine Trendsetter, and the 2018 Atlanta Business Chronicle InnoVenture Award.

For more information about Amari Ruff and his company, Sudu, visit www.sudu.io or follow the company on Twitter at @TeamSudu

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