Homeless and Incarcerated Eight Times, He Bounced Back To Achieve The Impossible

Posted On : 09/20/2018

Darnell Ferguson rise to the top has not been an easy one – but he has become a true inspiration.

He Was Arrested 8 Times And Lost His Home

Darnell always knew what he wanted to do. He had a natural flair for cooking and was inspired by celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse.

It all seemed to be going well. He attended Kentucky’s Sullivan University to study culinary arts. It led to him becoming one of only two black students out of thousands, to be chosen as a chef as part of the 2008 Olympic Team in Beijing, China.

He was well on his path to his dream, which was to one day opening his own restaurant. But despite his success, Darnell was struggling to make a living as a chef. He started to started sell drugs on the side to make some extra money.

It resulted in the young man being arrested eight times and losing everything – even his home.

God Changed His Life

During his eighth stint in prison, Darnell knew he had to change. But still, he admits, he got in his own way. After his release, he managed to get work at local restaurants. But he was angry and temperamental. He lost his job and ended up being unemployed for a year.

Darnell was completely lost until he began attending church. Talking to God made him find his inner peace, and he spoke to a friend about leasing space in his restaurant. Darnell wanted to create a “pop-up” where he could serve breakfast. It ended up becoming very popular. 

Through word of mouth other business owners approached him to do the same thing at their restaurants. In 2015, Darnell partnered with his friend, Ryan Bryson, to open their very own restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, called SuperChef’s Breakfast & More.

The location sadly burned down, but Darnell had suffered setbacks before. Since then he has opened three more restaurants – two in the Columbus, Ohio area and a new one in Louisville, Kentucky.

He is now proud to call himself a successful entrepreneur. For more details about SuperChef’s Breakfast & More restaurant, visit www.mysuperchefs.com

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