She Got Pregnant During Her Senior Year, And How She Graduates Is Epic

Posted On : 05/31/2018

Lauren Spencer from Atlanta was always a ‘good’ kid and an excellent student.

But she shocked everyone – even herself – when she found out she was expecting a baby in high school.

But rather than drop out, the 18-year-old refused to let her little bundle of joy derail her plans.

She Graduates In The Top 5% Of Her Class

The pretty teen told Love What Matters, she went on to graduate at the top of her class after finishing her studies a semester early.

She Struggled With Disappointing Her Parents

‘The feeling of disappointing my family was definitely new for me, being that I had been a straight A student who stayed out of trouble,’ Lauren said. 

But Lauren was adamant she wouldn’t let that feeling last long. She was determined to carve out a great life, not only for herself, but for her baby. 

‘I could still keep my grades up and go on to do big things. It would just be more of a challenge with a baby,’ she said. 

Because she was a top student, she was already enrolled in classes that would get her college credits. 

As morning sickness and fatigue hit, Lauren had to battle through with writing essays and doing lab reports. 

Last fall, a counselor told her that because of her dedication, she qualified to graduate early, in December. This was a huge relief, as it meant she would be home during her final trimester and when she was due to give birth in March.

She Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby Boy

A few weeks later, Lauren gave birth to a baby boy named Logan.

She admits she didn’t realize how hard it would be, but says the feeling she has when she sees her son is ‘indescribable’. 

‘I’m so proud of myself,’ she said. ‘I am excited to start a new chapter. I know it will be challenging, but I am determined to make not only myself, but my son, proud.’

She recently learned that her 94 numeric GPA put her in the top five per cent of her class. She’ll also be attending Georgia State University in the fall.

She Wants To Encourage Teen Moms To Stay In School

Though she says she is not encouraging other teens to get pregnant, she wants those who do to know that it doesn’t mean they can’t still do well for themselves.

‘I just want to encourage others who are in the same situation,’ she said. ‘I want them to know it is not the end of the world and they can still go on to accomplish great things, which is exactly what I plan to do.’

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