Now Sexy High School Teacher Weighed 350 Pounds, But Not Anymore

Posted On : 04/12/2017


Robert Browne has also had an affinity for athletics. From playing college football to being a health teacher and football coach at Harrison Central High School in Gulfport, Mississippi, his life centers around fitness and sports. But despite the focus on health and sports, he faced one problem: his personal health wasn’t exactly the best. So, he decided something needed to be done and now, he uses his powerful weight loss story as a tool to motivate students and point them in the right direction from the time they enter high school until they walk the stage four years later at graduation. During an interview with Men’s Health, he shared details about his weight loss journey.

He revealed he begins each school year with one question:

The Big Question:

“What do you want to look like five years from now?” Browne asks his incoming freshman. Most of the students have no clue he’s lost more than 100 pounds. “I say, ‘What if I tell you guys I haven’t always been fit?’ and I turn to the next slide, and you can see their mouths drop,” he explained. Browne admitted that although he teaches his students the importance of making sound health decisions, he admitted he hasn’t always practiced what he preaches.

“My job as a health teacher and football coach, we try to tell kids how they need to live, but I wasn’t practicing it myself,” says Browne. “I was telling my athletes that they had to be the strongest versions of themselves, but I wasn’t practicing that, so I started practicing what I preached. I started working out with my athletes.”


The Big Change:

Although Browne had a promising college football career ahead of him, a knee injury reportedly changed everything; the direction of his life had been unexpectedly altered and the abrupt change led to serious personal problems during his college years. When he could no longer play football, he ate more and gained more weight. As Browne’s weight surpassed 350 pounds, he spiraled into a deep depression. “After the initial shock of not being able to do what I loved anymore, I just stopped doing anything active at all,” said Browne.I started just being lazy and not doing anything. I actually gained around 75 pounds.”

Then, a visit to the doctor changed everything. What the doctor told him changed his entire outlook on life and he knew he had to do something. “She told me that I was border line stroke level in my blood pressure. That was the day I knew I had to make a change,” said Browne.


The Big Accomplishment:

Browne reached a turning point in his life with the information the doctor told him. Browne took on powerlifting and changed his eating habits. The rigorous workout routines and clean eating helped him to produce the physical changes he needed to turn his life around. Brown has managed to lose a whopping 100 pounds and the results are evident.

But, despite all of the hype, he admits what matters most is that he’s able to teach and motivate others simply by sharing what he knows from personal experience. “If they’re going through it and they can challenge themselves mentally and physically than I can go through it with them,” said Browne.

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