Trending! Whose Man Is This? Student Has The Best Graduation Walk EVER! 😂

Posted On : 06/16/2017

This student’s stage walk makes the crowd go wild, and for good reason. Talk about posing for the degree! Kid just won the Internet with this one.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Yes. Graduations are still happening. And at McKinley Technology High School, one student made it extra memorable.

Trending! The High School Graduation Walk You Can't Miss I
This graduation was lit at McKinley Technology High School.

While the name was inaudible via camera, the performance was clear, and it has been trending since its Internet debut.

Facebook user Jasmine Shi notes as follows.


While McKinley Tech High students are lining the stage’s side stairway, the feature student is awaiting turn.

However, you can clearly see anticipation brewing. Then…it happens.

Crazy, right?

Like Facebook user Alicia Corum mentions, “You BETTER twirl and dead drop for that diploma bihh!!!”

That was a death drop out of this world. Not only was it memorable for the student, but everyone else enjoyed it as well.


The video was uploaded by Tornia Harrison on June 10. So far, via Facebook, it’s received over 420,000 views, 6,780 shares, 1,600 comments, and 3,900 reactions.

As a show of positive response, the student has received nothing but joyous response for the graduation antics. Many people agree that the walk was more-than-earned — everyone wishing constant congratulatory graces.

Trending! The High School Graduation Walk You Can't Miss II
The student received his diploma and walked off stage to applause.

Several other students have expressed that they also wanted to do something similar and outlandish for their stage walk.

Facebook user Ashleigh Monèe expresses as follows.

“Yaaaaasssss I wanted to do something like that too not the drop but they said we couldn’t do nothing but walk.”

Many other students also relate with her situation as well.

Nonetheless, have you seen a greater drop in your life? Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Facebook]

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