We Found The Little Girl That Went Mega-Viral Trying To Sound Out ‘Who’

Posted On : 04/15/2018

SAINT CLOUD, FLORIDA — By now, you’ve probably seen this hilarious video circulating online. Well, we’ve found her. And while she once attempted to pronounce “who,” she’s become MTV famous.

Her name is Anaya Dailey. Several social media personalities and comedians have created memes and more out of her 9-second video clip.

It might have been short, but it definitely packed a punch as far as “viral” status is concerned.

The Original Video Is Below:

Well, we were wondering what happened with her after she became “famous,” as Anaya says these days. So, we caught up with her mother — Marlene Dailey — for a quick interview.

Thankfully, she was more-than-happy to give The Black Loop a little information about the family and their endeavors. She says it’s always amazing to see someone sharing the video.

According to the mom, the video was recorded by her middle daughter, Lexus Dailey. At the time of the footage, Anaya was only 5 years old.

Here's The Little Girl That Went Mega-Viral Trying To Sound Out 'Who'

“Anaya was in kindergarten,” Marlene mentions. “Lexus was helping her read her sight words. That was the first night reading that list. My family is very comical lol so Lexus thought it was cute but funny so she recorded her.”

Marlene says Lexus posted the video to Twitter. And before they knew it, the video clip was viral by the next day! The family was stunned.

According to her, the footage had reached “World Star and everywhere else.”

As aforementioned, several social media personalities and comedians hopped on Anaya’s video as well. For instance, take a look at one of the clips below.



Anaya had become such a viral sensation that large networks were searching for the family. After tracking them down, here’s what Marlene says happened.

“Here’s the kicker…MTV’s producer of Ridiculousness went to my daughter’s job at Orlando International Airport to ask her for permission to air the video on their new season! We signed some papers giving them permission to air it but we kept the rights. It can be viewed on season 10 episode 2. Anaya says she’s famous lol. Although they never seen her face.”

NOTE: If you’re interested in the episode, you can follow this link.

And if you’re wondering whether Anaya finally got “who” correct, Marlene tells us that she actually mastered her word list; and many more since them.

“She is at the top of her class and she is a very sweet, funny, and generous child as are my other 5 children,” Anaya’s mother mentions.

And while Marlene and her husband are extremely proud of each of them, it seems that now-7-year-old Anaya is making moves. According to her mother, her daughter recently started a shoe drive called Anaya’s Shoebox.

Her mom states that her little one loves to give to others.

Yet, nevertheless, she also says her family probably needs their own reality show. If everyone else is anything like Anaya, we’re down to watch it faithfully.

Moreover, it appears the family is full of talent. Marlene went on to share another piece of information with The Black Loop. According to the mother, her husband — Steve Dailey — is rubbing elbows with some pretty influential writers in the industry. Marlene mentions as follows.

“Currently there is a series being written by the writers of The Barbershop on my husband’s book, Gunz and God. He is a retired NYPD Detective. Sounds kinda like many other shows BUT the difference is he was an Undercover Narcotics Detective turned Pastor.”

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[Featured Photo via Marlene Dailey / Facebook]

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