Guy Tries To Sneak-Punch 7ft Person, But Instead Gets His Diaper Changed

Posted On : 04/27/2018

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — Well, here’s the case where a grown man gets put in the “Dumb Man, Facing Up” yoga pose along a busy sidewalk. Check it out.

DISCLAIMER: The Black Loop does not condone violence.

[However, this situation teaches a lesson…which also happens to result in a physical outcome.]

Guy Tries To Sneak-Punch 7ft Man, But Instead Gets His Diaper Changed

So, we have “Guy” (who we’ll call “Steve”) and “Huge Person” (HP).

Generally, when you see someone who’s exceedingly larger than yourself, you don’t immediately come down with “David and Goliath” syndrome.

It’s better to evaluate the situation and maybe find an evasive or a de-escalation option, right? Well, Steve didn’t feel that was necessary.


Tairy Hesticles, Facebook user, asks: “What in the Holiday Heart world heavyweight defensive lineman in auntie Agnus jeans is going on here?”

“First of all… not gon talk s**t to a man that’s clearly NFL draft material…wearing a bonnet and his pants cuffed at the bottom. I promise you…..out of all the random people on the sidewalk…..THATS not the guy to fight?”

“Shoulda swung on the man riding the bike,” Hesticles continues.

Photo via screengrab.

From the sound of the argument, it’s possible ol’ Steve was ridiculing HP and throwing “homo” taunts and whatnot.

However, for whatever reason Steve threw a punch at this giant of a person, HP made extra-quick work of him.

The initial punch turned into the hardest choke slam known to man. Chant Dams says, when he met the concrete, it was in “surround sound.”

And as you’ll hear in the video, HP is replying back with “homo” taunts while folding Steve like he’s about to clean him with fresh baby wipes.


There was nothing Steve could do (but sit in his thinking chair and think). He was literally held in position with one hand while being punched with the other.

Bruh…his toes are touching the ground without him standing. That’s hardcore.

Guy Tries To Sneak-Punch 7ft Man, But Instead Gets His Diaper Changed I
Facebook user Victor Vinziant states: “It was at this moment, Connor (Steve) likely farted and peed on his own stomach.” Photo via screengrab.

Vinziant continues: “This is what it’s like to put a twin bed fitted sheet on a queen sized bed.”

Right-out “shameful.” Yet, this is what happens when you think you’re a bully.

Dude found out he’s more flexible than Melania’s speech schedule.


Steve was so “hardcore yoga” that all his stuff fell out the pockets, but he didn’t seem to mind.

And, as you’ll see, someone scooped his phone and was out!

However, Facebook commentator Andrew Peterson pointed out a hilarious fact.

“N***a took the phone and seen it was an Obama phone and put that s**t slam back?”

Rapheal Sarvis mentions: “Probably didn’t like what that n***a had saved in his photo gallery!! Lmao!”

If you’re interested in the video, check it below. To see a clearer version, go to this link. No embed was available.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The moral of this situation is this.

You don’t know who you’re going to deal with in life. However, it’s important to pick your battles wisely. You don’t always have to make a point. Sometimes, it’s actually best if you remain quiet about your thoughts.

Because now, Steve might have a complex for a long time. I mean, it looked as if HP intentionally put his thumb near his butthole — just to add more trauma. Smh.

“If a n***a put my legs back like that in public, I’d apologize then go home and rethink my entire life,” Stephen Lathrop comments. “‘How in the f**k did it come down to this?'”

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[Featured Photo via screengrab]

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