[Video] Gun Shop Owner Refuses Black Customer, Says He Doesn’t Need A Reason And Calls Police

Posted On : 11/13/2017

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA — It’s crazy that certain people fear the Black community acquiring any type of arsenal, but they’ll sell to those like Dylann Roof in a heartbeat. Check out what this owner had to say after refusing to sell to a regular customer.

According to Chris King Mason, he entered Hopkins Gun and Tackle and was almost immediately refused service.

Via Facebook, Chris Mason notes as follows.

“URGENT!! URGENT!! URGENT!! Do not I repeat do not purchase anything from Hopkins Gun and Tackle on Mechanicsville Turnpike in Richmond,Va. 2 seconds into me walking inside, the owner of this store refused to sell me any firearms. His reason was simply and I quote ‘I will not sell you or your friend any firearms because my reason to believe is that you will sell them to someone else.’ At first I presumed that he wasn’t serious because I am a regular customer, until he stood by his decision not to sell me anything and ask that I remove myself from the store. I will not be racially profiled and be a part of stereotypical injustice, especially where I spend MY MONEY. TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM HOPKINS GUN AND TACKLE!! MAKE THIS GO VIRAL! LET’S SEND THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!!! #These motherf**kers got the wrong one today.”

As you can hear from the video, Vance Hopkins — the store owner — states that he’s not going to sell Mason a gun, and he says he doesn’t have to give a reason not to sell him one.

After Mason asks if Hopkins is “just stereotyping,” the store owner responds as follows.

“I’m not gonna answer that, that’s crazy. We have to follow all federal guidelines and we’re not gonna sell you a gun. And if you don’t go ahead and leave the premises I’m gonna call the police.”

Mind you, Mason does find another shop employee who confirms that he’s made gun purchases there before.

Matter of fact, Hopkins asked Mason to leave on video. After asking “why,” you see the store owner call police on Mason as well.

Yet and still, that doesn’t matter to Hopkins.


After the post went viral, several people from both sides of the fence commented on his situation. While many state he can choose to spend his money elsewhere, others say Mason shouldn’t have to do that.

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[Featured Photo via Chris King Mason / Facebook]

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