Grenfell Tower Apartment Fire Death Toll Up To 150, ‘At Least’?

Posted On : 06/16/2017

After investigators comb through the aftermath of the incinerated 24-story high-rise, resident death toll continues to increase. It’s now allegedly passed 150 casualties.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — Early Wednesday morning, Grenfell Tower set the world on alert as we all watched the 24-story apartment go up in flames.

While many people escaped, investigators are finding out that many people also remained trapped within the relentless inferno.

Justice for Grenfell…

It’s being called “corporate manslaughter.”

According to Telegraph, a Facebook event is scheduled for 6 p.m. local time. The source says more than 1,800 people are expected to attend the protest outside of the Department for Communities and Local Government building.

WARNING: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The source reports that the poster noted as follows.

“At least 150 people have died in the fire at Grenfell Tower. They deserve justice. We demand answers. Solidarity with the residents of Grenfell Tower. Supported by Grenfell action group, Defend Council Housing, Kensington and Chelsea Momentum, Westway23 and NW London Stand Up to Racism.”

The devastation in London is real. There are charred bodies on-site. Actually, according to Telegraph, a 43-year-old man was recently arrested for posting a photo of one of the bodies to social media.

Nevertheless, remember…

In a previous Black Loop report, we discussed that the Grenfell Tower had just undergone refurbishing and was absent of fire alert and resistance equipment.

Also, it was understood that they had a Stay Put protocol in place for its residents.

Before the building’s fire got completely out of control, residents who were still awake in the early morning hours were able to help rescue others within Grenfell Towers.

However, after an hour, source say the building’s fire was intense and only continued to increase.

Much needed prayers go out to the many families and loved ones affected by this tragedy. If you desire, feel free to express your condolences via our Facebook page.

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