Game Changer! Company Creates Powered Light Without Electricity Or Batteries Required

Posted On : 09/11/2017

Uh, can I get a houseful of these?? Please, take my money!

KENYA, AFRICA — Good-bye candles, kerosene, and flashlights (and the need to constantly buy batteries). Say hello to GravityLight.

In an effort to help solve the world’s energy crisis, GravityLight has created a useful marvel in these modern times.

It’s incredibly simplistic as far as user-friendly operation is concerned. And, each cycle provides 20 minutes of light.


Check it out.

So, here’s how it works.

According to the official website, in order to power this light, it requires a weight (included).

The source notes that the weight needs to be about 27 pounds or 12 kilograms. Not to worry.

GravityLight mentions that since the weight is on a pulley system, it only feels like 6 pounds or so.

The weight fits into the bag which is included with the kit.

“As the weight falls it turns a gear train, driving the motor that powers the LEDs…This movement powers a drive sprocket, which rotates very slowly with high torque (turning force). A polymer gear train running through the product turns this input into a high-speed, low-torque output that drives a DC generator at 1600 rotations per minute.”

The source mentions that GravityLight needs to be hung high enough that there’s a 6-foot drop space beneath.

That’s how far the weight and bag need to travel within the 20 minutes of provided light.

Check out the following video to see a few of its applications.

All in all, let us know what you think about this particular innovative invention.

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