Grandfather Found Frozen To Death On Porch Next To Wheelchair

Posted On : 01/07/2018

AKRON, OHIO — It’s time to take this weather seriously. In an unfortunate situation, an elderly man lost his life after being trapped in the frigid cold overnight.

According to News 5 Cleveland — on Tuesday, January 2 — 64-year-old Darnell Wilson was found at his 2nd Avenue SW residence by a Mobile Meals worker, and he was frozen to death.

Note: News 5 mentions that “Mobile Meals provides food to children, the elderly, ill, disabled and home-bound who are unable to prepare meals for themselves.”

The source reports that, when he was found, Wilson was actually lying next to his wheelchair on his enclosed porch. The Mobile Meals worker mentions as follows.

“I walked in on one of my clients and he is laying on the ground in the cold on his front porch and I don’t know if he’s breathing or not.”

News 5 Cleveland states that the Summit County Medical Examiner ruled Wilson’s death accidental, as caused by hypothermia.

According to the source, on January 2, temperatures were in the single digits in Northeast Ohio.

The source says Wilson lived with a family friend; however, that person wasn’t home at the time of his death.

Family members state that Wilson was actually able to walk with a cane when he wasn’t using his wheelchair.

Wilson leave behind three children and six grandchildren, according to one of his daughters.

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