Gov’t Sells Rosa Parks’ House For $500

Posted On : 07/10/2017

If you know anything about Rosa Parks, you know she was instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement. Now, the government has sold her house for less than $1,000.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — Rosa Parks was inspirational during the movement. While she was most known for her 1955 bus stance, she was also a highly-active civil rights activist before and after. Her bus incident was the one that broke the straw though.

Unfortunately, after that incident, she received an influx of death threats. Understandably, Parks chose to escape the South. She moved to Detroit with her brother and his family at his 2672 South Deacon Street residence.

According to DW Stories, there were 17 people living in the house altogether.

Saving from demolition…

According to the source, Rosa Parks’ niece actually bought the house from the city of Detroit. Afterwards, she gave the house to an artist named Ryan Mendoza. Last summer, after dismantling the residence, he relocated the house to Berlin, Germany.

Mendoza mentions as follows.

“The fact that, for America, this house is of no importance…the fact that the institutions of America could allow this house to go on a demolitions list…the fact that they sold it for $500 — the American government thought it was worth $500 — speaks volumes. It’s actually evidence of an enormous neglect.”

Admiration in Germany…

In an effort to save the house, Ryan Mendoza used his own money for relocation expenses to Europe. Once there, he rebuilt the house on his own property.

However, he hopes — one day — the house will be returned to the United States, maybe as part of a national monument…preferably in Washington, D.C.

According to Mendoza, the Germans have dealt with this before and were forced to acknowledge their wrongs. Yet, he says this is something Americans don’t like to do.

Americans haven’t been forced to right the wrongs of the past. And even when placed in front of their faces, it’s either ignored or denied.

He’s absolutely right about that.

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