Digital Future: Google Businesswoman Trains 1 Million Africans

Posted On : 06/08/2017

By 2050, it’s projected that Africa’s population will have doubled to 830 million people. Where will they find employment? This woman knows and is teaching them.

AFRICA — There is a person bringing lots of change to the continent. According to CNN, she’s Google’s brand and reputation manager, Bunmi Banjo.

After starting with the company in 2012, she developed a program which launched in April 2016. Then, she immediately began helping both sub-Saharan and North African youths via the aforementioned program, Digital Skills for Africa.

For the most part, it helps further their knowledge regarding the Internet and its applications.

The source reports that younger users generally know how to use the net, as concerns social media. But, in essence, that’s it.

“We have trained hundreds over the years but we decided that in Africa we really needed skill…A lot of them [youth] coming online only know about social and are using the web primarily as a communication tool which is great, but [they are] not realizing that there is a lot more they can do with it especially in Africa where the jobs are not there.”

So, over the course of 11 months, Banjo has managed to train one million African youths so far.

What’s the training?…

CNN reports it’s pretty much a free crash-course in digital marketing. While given in 27 African countries, the source mentions that “the course will give participants a 70-percent chance of becoming more employable.”

Banjo mention as follows.

“We know people across the region are ingenious, with a little they do a lot and they are thirsty for knowledge. All our classes are oversubscribed because they are eager to learn. If they had the right tools and information they will be able to.”

She feels that, in the impending future, a lot of people on the continent will need to find or develop ways to earn money on their own. So, she’s training them to ensure a better chance at employment or self-sufficiency.

The source notes that Banjo’s program has been seeing amazing feedback.

“67 percent of the people we have trained have said they have either gotten a job or they feel better prepared for jobs because of the training,” Banjo explains. “If only a few million people are impacted by 67 percent, that is significant.”

It’s great that her Digital Skills for Africa program is exponentially accomplishing its goal. She says that, while a million seems like a lot, it’s actually just a speck — in regards to the continental population of nearly 500 million, currently.

However, as she’s mentioned, it’s still quite significant for those they’ve helped so far.

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