Girl Says She Wants To Work — Doesn’t Understand Why Friend Keeps Laughing To Tears

Posted On : 05/11/2018

DALLAS, TEXAS — It’s good to have aspirations and goals. However, at the same time, it’d do well to know a little more about the company you’re pursuing.

That wasn’t exactly the case for this young woman. According to Facebook user Dominique Worthy, she felt her friend’s daughter — Brasia Lewis — was likewise “worthy” of some camera time.

While having a regular car-ride discussion, Lewis let Dominique know a bit about her future plans. Specifically, Brasia wants a career with a fairly reputable company many of us depend on in our daily lives.


Yet, it appears that Lewis hasn’t quite done her research on this one.

In Dominique’s video, she allows us to join the conversation for a good laugh. Via the post, she mentions as follows.

“Maaann If you need a laugh today this will definitely give you one ???? Secmele get your daughter man lol everyday it’s something ??? pt.1 and 2 …Brasia Lewis is the sweetie pie in the video.”

If you’re interested in the video, it’s located below.

Dominique, you’re wrong for this.?

Not only did she make her say it several times, she also made her spell it out. Too, when she described the truck, she gave description of a United States Postal Service (USPS) truck, rather than a United Parcel Service (UPS) truck.


Dominique wasn’t finished with Brasia just yet. The car ride wasn’t doing it justice. She had to tell the girl’s mom about this — after sending the first video to herself, of course.

According to another post by the Facebook user, she uploaded another video. She actually mentioned it in the overall caption. This is simply part two.

Well, Brasia did catch on at the end and appeared to be incredibly embarrassed. Nevertheless, according to her Facebook page, she’s taking it all in good humor.

“[I] cant believe dominique did me like this! ??” Brasia mentioned in her post.

As you saw, Dominique eventually got Brasia’s mother in on the fun, seemingly at her office. You could look on Brasia’s face and tell she was dead-a** serious about the entire situation, and it definitely wasn’t a skit.

However, she’s assuredly gone viral in a short time. Hopefully, her trending status will help her when it’s time to get chosen by Ups…


Yes, yes, yes. People are having a blast with this one.

They’re even saying she’s “her mother’s child” because her mom also missed the mark when she was trying to describe it. Yet and still though, her mom — Secmele Gardner — took the jokes in good stride.

Moreover, some people mentioned that they have employment hook ups whenever Brasia is ready to take that step into postal service — from both USPS and UPS employees.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see Brasia working her goal sooner than later. Much success to her.

All in all, let us know your thoughts about this story. Were you ever confused regarding UPS’ name and how to pronounce it? Is it a common mistake? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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[Featured Photo via Dominique Worthy / Facebook]

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