What??? Girl Stopped At Door, Not Allowed Into Prom Because Of Her Prom Dress (VIDEO)

Posted On : 04/12/2017

When this teen shows up to prom with her friends, she’s swiftly turned away, supposedly due to dress code violation. But, that wasn’t the case at all.

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA — This is the kind of in-your-face prejudice that gets your blood boiling hot.

At Carencro High School, Amari Williams was about to enjoy her first and only prom. She had been saving her own money to ensure her dress was perfect for the occasion.

[Video] Girl Not Allowed Into Prom - African Dress Deemed 'Inappropriate' II

Instead of simply purchasing a dress off the rack, she had one custom made — laid with African heritage and inspired patterns. However, once she arrived at the door, the school’s principal — Mary Qualey — denied her access.


The Supposed Violation

According to Allure, this principal told Williams that her prom dress wasn’t in accordance with the event’s dress code.

Why? As the “official reason,” Williams’ ankle was showing.

[Video] Girl Not Allowed Into Prom - African Dress Deemed 'Inappropriate' I

Yeah. You can see straight through the bulls**t too, right?

Lafayette Parish School System chief administrative officer Joe Craig gave local reporters the following statements about the alleged dress code notice.

“The length has to be all the way to the ground, all the way around; kind of easy to remember. In this case, the dress was not all the way to the ground and on that basis, it wasn’t considered a formal dress.”

Mom Arrives and Notices Something..

When Amari’s mother — Troynetta Williams — shows up, she’s there with tools to help make the dress “appropriate.”

Amari Williams and her mother

However, she immediately observes something quite interesting.

While Mary Qualey didn’t allow the woman’s daughter inside the event due to an “exposed ankle,” the mother witnessed her allowing multiple violations inside. She quotes as follows.

“The dress code, when I looked over it, it did mention that the dress had to be floor length, and they considered it not formal since it wasn’t the same length all the way around. But then I brought it to [the principal’s] attention that some of the rules in the dress-code policy also state that midriffs, high splits, or low back dresses aren’t allowed. As I’d been standing there, I saw she’d been allowing all those types of dresses into prom, but here she denies my daughter, and she’s dressed appropriately, not showing any skin or anything inappropriate at all. Her response to me was she used her own judgement.”

Super pissed

Are you kidding me? Are you frickin’ kidding me!?

‘I don’t remember’

On top of her “turning Williams away” at the door, the principal is allegedly the one who approved her dress in the first place, as reports KLFY-10 News. According to Williams, after Qualey saw a photo of the dress, she said it was okay.

However, all of a sudden, now she has amnesia and doesn’t recall such a thing.

As it turns out, Amari was the only student there in African-inspired attire. This had nothing at all to do with a “dress code violation.”

The only “violation” committed was discrimination.

This is absolutely ludicrous…

A word of advice from Williams to future prom goers … “get the approval in writing.”

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