After Forbes Declares Kylie Jenner As ‘Self-Made,’ NeNe Leakes Claps Back w/ Choice Words

Posted On : 07/12/2018

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner turned heads everywhere when she appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine. For those who missed it, the highly respected business magazine dubbed the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star as the “youngest-ever, self-made billionaire” and it looks like that declaration has sparked heated debates online. While some people find Kylie’s success to be inspirational, others are feeling some type of way about the “self-made” part of it all. One reality star, in particular, opted to share her option of the title and now she’s facing backlash for many different angles. According to BET, Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes had a few choice words to say about it.

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The Game Ain’t Fair:

It has been reported that NeNe’s comment was in response to reality TV producer Carlos King’s opinion since he found Kylie’s new status to be motivating. The successful producer, who has also done work with the Real Housewives of Atlanta wrote, “Being on a reality show isn’t so bad, eh? Use your platform correctly, folks!” NeNe responded by saying, “Well some people get opportunities that others will never get!” she wrote. “Just saying! This game ain’t fair.”

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Of course, NeNe’s comment didn’t go unnoticed. Many of Kylie’s fans felt some kind of way and insist NeNe is bitter and jealous of Kylie’s success. But surprisingly, most people are keepin’ it all the way real and agreeing with the RHOA star.  Many of NeNe’s fans understood what she meant. Since Kylie comes from a star-studded family with a massive name that carries weight in the entertainment industry, many people are arguing that there’s nothing “self-made” about Kylie. When you couple the family’s name with Kris Jenner’s marketing and management reputation, the family’s reality TV show, and their other ventures, most people insist Kylie had more than just a head start on life compared to most people who come from nothing. In the eyes of average Americans, “self-made” is a term that refers to people who started with nothing and built their foundation from the ground up.

So was NeNe’s really throwin’ shade? Well with all of the comments about her statement, she’s taken the time to further explain what she meant.

Throwin’ Shade?

Despite the backlash NeNe has received for her strong opinion, she insists she wasn’t throwin’ shade at all. Now, the famed reality star has offered an explanation for her statement to set the record straight. According to The Shade Room, NeNe has said, “The point was totally missed here because so many of you want it to be hate, bitterness, oh that loud mouth black girl said something. Well, that loud mouth black reality star is successful in her own right. For those of you not in the industry, you will never understand. Those that are, read between the lines and you will get it.” NeNe wrapped up her statement with a famous NeNe Leakes remark. As expected, NeNe makes no apologies for her words. It is what it is. She said, “I said what I said and it ain’t gonna change. Congrats Kylie!”

From the looks of it, most people aren’t knockin’ Kylie’s hustle and the empire she’s amassed, they’re criticizing Forbes’ definition of her success. Do you agree or disagree with NeNe? Share your thoughts.

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