Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gets TKO Against McGregor, ‘It’s Fatigue,’ Says Conor

Posted On : 08/27/2017

As we all knew, McGregor’s legs turned to spaghetti against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. However, Conor said it was just “fatigue.” So, nevermind fists-to-face?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — For the last year, Conor McGregor has talked MAD noise against Mayweather.

Before we get started, look at this. Look, look, look at this and try not to laugh. Lol!

McGregor’s die-hard fans react…

My sides hurt! Lol!

Anyway, back to the story.

We’ll give credit where credit is due. Conor did give Floyd a run for his money in the early rounds. It definitely caught Mayweather by surprise.

However, Conor’s punches weren’t hurting Floyd. The only punches that truly hurt Mayweather were the ones below the belt.

That 10th round though…

You could really tell that Conor was tiring in the 6th round. Aside from all the illegal hammer fists he threw to the back of Floyd’s head, his movements just started getting sloppier by the minute.

His blocking became “less than.” And eventually, it just stopped altogether. That’s when referee Robert Byrd called the fight.

If you’re interested in the highlights, check the video below.

If you don’t know about boxing, a technical knockout (TKO) comes if you’ve seemingly given up all attempts to defend yourself in the ring.

That’s basically what happened to McGregor. The “fatigue” sat in, and he just opened the floodgates for Mayweather to end the bout with a strong finish.

McGregor said he was upset that Byrd stopped the fight.

After the fight…

As McGregor said during the post-fight interview, he made Mayweather “fight like a Mexican.”

… … … …Whatever that means…

Floyd stayed classy during his interview. And even when the reporter attempted to make him boast about his 50-0 status, he never wavered.

Likewise, he also uplifted McGregor and admitted he was a worthy opponent. When it was time for Conor to speak, he said “fatigue” was the issue, not Floyd’s punches.

According to McGregor, Mayweather wasn’t powerful or quick. He was only “composed” throughout the fight.

But come on. Anyone who watched the fight knows Floyd had Conor “hammer punching” for his life.

So yeah. That’s pretty much that. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is now 50-0. He’s going down as a Hall of Famer, even greater now.

Not only is he undefeated in the boxing circuit. He even went up against a top-ranking MMA fighter and won.

All in all, how about we look at the comments McGregor supporters are saying.

Of course you know the excuses are running plentiful right now.


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