Flo Rida Allegedly Refuses To Meet His 1YrOld Son Who Suffers From Rare Brain Disease

Posted On : 05/16/2018

We’ve all got down low to some of Flo Rida’s biggest tunes. But sadly the Grammy-nominated artist is said to be lower than low as a father.

According to his child mother, the rapper refuses to meet his toddler son, who suffers from a rare brain disorder.

She alleges he’s even called him an ‘evil f**king child’.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, Alexis Adams, 34, said the music star initially denied that 19-month-old Zohar Paxton was his.

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A DNA Test Proved He Was The Father

A DNA test revealed a 99.9 per cent match that Flo Rida, whose real name is Tramar Lacel Dillard, was the child’s father.

Alexis said: ‘Flo Rida has only seen his son once during the paternity test but kept his shades on and his back turned. They were in the same room. He didn’t try to hug Zohar, nothing. It was very cold.’

The rapper now covers his son’s medical insurance and provides an undisclosed amount of child support each month.

But Alexis’ legal battle with Flo Rida is ongoing because ‘she does not feel the support is enough for a special needs child’, according to her attorney.

Zohar has hydrocephalus, a neurological condition which causes an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within cavities in the brain. 


His Son’s Condition Is Incurable

Symptoms can include the abnormal enlargement of a baby’s head, vomiting and vision problems. Since birth, Zohar has had numerous doctors’ appointments, tests and ultrasounds.

But tragically their is no cure for the condition. Last month, he underwent brain surgery, but there was no visit or phone call from his father, Alexis claims. 

‘Even after Zohar’s surgery, he hasn’t reached out to find out if he’s okay,’ she said. ‘I find it strange because Flo Rida is always involved in charities pertaining to kids.

‘Being a single mom going to a lot of doctor’s appointments and not knowing what else your son might need is heart-breaking.’

Flo Rida, who is worth an estimated $30 million, met Alexis in 2015 on the West Coast.

‘We were friends at first, very casual,’ she recalled. ‘He traveled a lot and I was on the West Coast, he lived on the East Coast. 


The Rapper Allegedly Told Her To Get An Abortion

‘We were getting to know each other. That’s how our relationship was in the beginning.’

‘We became romantically involved at the end of the year. We were just dating, it wasn’t exclusive, not at that time, but we did do intimate things together.

‘It went on until I discovered I was pregnant in 2016.’

It was then their relationship turned sour, according to Alexis. She claims that Flo Rida put pressure on her to have an abortion and sent her awful messages. 

‘It caught me off-guard. I was pregnant and hormonal – one minute happy, then sad. You want support. You don’t know what to think when you’re pregnant and someone’s like that,’ she said.

‘He called my baby “an evil f***ing child”. Those were his exact words.’


Alexis Has No Contact With Flo Rida

Alexis, who now lives in her hometown of New York, claims that she and Flo Rida only spoke a few times early in her pregnancy and then she lost contact with him.

Alexis said that the saddest part of the situation is that the rapper is missing out.

‘Zohar is very loving, he kisses and hugs everybody. He’s a very happy baby and interactive with people, that’s one thing people notice when they meet him.

‘He is going on two and he doesn’t know his father and his father doesn’t know him. People still ask if Flo Rida knows he is his son because he has not acknowledged him.’

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