Flint Resident Says They Might Start Killing Each Other Over Water Soon

Posted On : 08/13/2018

FLINT, MICHIGAN — Flint is still suffering via its city officials’ mishandling and misappropriation of resources. And this man is showing the public what it looks like from the inside.

In a live video uploaded by Lorenzo Avery, Jr., on Monday, August 6, he became frustrated and started filming the situation in Flint. For blocks upon blocks, cars sat at a stand-still. And according to Avery, they were simply waiting for water … for hours on-end.

In the post’s caption, he mentioned: “We will be killing each other over water Soon #FLINTLIVESMATTER #FIXOURPIPES Why should anyone participate in the United States national anthem anymore???? When So Many Americans city don’t have clean water the USA and we still have to pay for poisoned toxic☢☣?? water!!!!!”

WARNING: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The video’s comment section is quite interesting. A lot of people are saying, “Just go to the store and buy your own water!”

Honestly, do you think people would be sitting in line for hours for something they could simply get at the store?

Most likely, there’s a shortage at stores, and water isn’t exactly “available.” Or, if it is available, the prices might be super-inflated due to enormous demand versus short supply. And not to forget, they STILL have to pay for all the polluted, toxic water coming into their homes through the pipes.

Even with all the money Michigan’s government (hell, FLINT’s government) has acquired from grants and donations, this situation should be completely fixed by now. It’s obvious they don’t want to fix it. Flint has been without clean water since April 2014.

So with that in mind, Monica Hawthorne makes an interesting point via Avery’s video.

“It’s an experiment, to see how people will react in certain situations like not having any water to drink.”

And that’s similar to what Avery was saying as well during his video. He says the people of Flint are simply accepting this situation and appearing weak; too, he notes that Flint is pretty much “ground zero” for a water war.

If this is indeed an experiment, they have nearly 5 years worth of data to work with at this point.

However, according to Christopher Korleski — director of the EPA’s Water Division — “it’s not an experiment” that’s happening in Flint.

NOTE: But isn’t that just the prime example of possible misinformation? This is Trump’s administration we’re talking about here. Lies don’t fall short, and there’s no shame when they tell them, as we’ve so clearly seen. I’m just saying.

Nevertheless, in times of crisis and deprivation, humans are known to resort to some very crazy, insane things.

Is it really so far-fetched that people would literally fight over water, especially for their children? People have assuredly fought and killed each other over much less.

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[Featured Photo via Lorenzo Avery, Jr. / Facebook / screengrab]

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