Excellence! First Black Woman To Hold This Position At West Point

Posted On : 08/07/2017

A West Point cadet has made history by being the first Black female to serve in the military school’s highest leadership position. Here are the details.

WEST POINT, NEW YORK — Her name is Simone Askew. According to Huffington Post, she’s a 20-year-old International History major and is currently in charge of 1,502 cadets as the Regimental Commander of Cadet Basic Training II.

However, soon, she’ll be 4,000+ cadets as West Point’s first captain.

The Huffington Post reports that her new title is the highest position possible for a cadet. Likewise, she will see her acting as a liaison, if you will.

According to the source, her sister — Nina Askew — mentioned being proud of her sister’s accomplishment. She notes as follows.

“It’s a great step for not only women, but African-American women, because it shows that no matter what your sex, or your race, you can really do anything. There’s nothing that can hold you back.”

As it turns out, Simone is no stranger to leadership and success. The source says Askew’s family notes that she was class president at Fairfax High School and founder of the Black Student Union at the school.

Likewise, even at West Point, the extracurriculars don’t stop. The Huffington Post reports that “she is a member of the crew team and has received the Black Engineer of the Year Award for Military Leadership, according to a statement from the Army.

This is awesome news. Nothing like seeing Black excellence, right?

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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